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Deep Gnome Rogue Assassin - Swuzzleflicts by Narthyxa Deep Gnome Rogue Assassin - Swuzzleflicts by Narthyxa

Original Character of /u/alxbrl 
Request from…

Here's their description:

Swuzzleflicts is a Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin) Rogue Assassin aiding a party of Elemental Genasi (and one lost Paladin) in their quest for balance in the Dessarin Valley. Standing at just over 3 feet tall and weighing in at 112 pounds, Swuzzle (as he's known to his companions) is a bald, white-bearded and grey-skinned boulder of a gnome, and is as dangerous as he is round. Better known as Swizzle to those companions who often forget his name, he grew up a lone urchin in the tunnels and caverns of the Underdark where he learned to mask his appearance, unburden those more fortunate then him of their gems, and strike at his enemies from a distance. He still wears the grey tattered plainclothes and cloak from those days, and will similarly never shed the boorishness and lack of propriety one gains from living a life without a home or family. These days he armors himself in leather and arms himself with daggers: two at his calves, two at his thighs, two more at his hips, and finally, Raszur, strapped across his chest. But perhaps his more lethal tools hide in plain sight in two pouches at his waist, one heavy with a few dozen steel bullets and a plain leather sling, and the other holding several doses of a waxy paralytic poison. Apart from his party-mates, Swizzlesticks (as his companions are prone to call him when they just don't give a damn anymore) keeps the company of his pet mouse, Squirtle, whom he brought up with him from the Underdark, and an empty suit of plate mail armor (a Helmed Horror, actually) that, when it was discovered outside Feathergale Spire one afternoon, surprisingly followed Swuzzle's every command. In a moment of need, when the Helmed Horror was given the command to protect Squirtle with it's very existence, it confidently placed the mouse within it's empty interior and Squirtle found a comfortable perch in the helmet, able to peek over the visor in order to see. This unlikely pair have been stalwart in their loyalty and protection of Swuzzleflicts ever since.

Helmed Horror and Squirtle is next. 

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Burntherabbitout Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2016
awesome job with hte knives
man your gloom feel with the colors is awesome :)
Narthyxa Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I feared I went a little TOO dark heh.
69andahalf Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016
Very interesting species and a well done illustration!
Narthyxa Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much =D
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February 2, 2016
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