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ToDA: Ming-Wu SQ 5 - Father

Ming-Wu's SQ for :icontalesofdevotia:
(Points for Ming-Wu)

~ ~ ~

It was around noon when the young half-elf entered his mother's store.  "I'm home!" he said on instinct while heading towards the back of the store.
At the time Mia was currently sorting through various fabrics.  Without looking behind she responded, "Welcome home Keisuke dear."
Keisuke?  For a moment Ming stood in confusion before responding, "huh?  Mother?"
"...?!" At that moment Mia turned around to look at her son, realizing what she had said, "oh, oh I'm so sorry dear, I was just...thinking about your father and all."
"F..father..."  he could barely remember the man, but he did miss him.
Mia closed her eyes, "Yes..."
It had been a long time since the two of them lost Ming's father.
"Come here," Mia walked over and wrapped her arms around Ming. "Promise me dear, that you won't do anything scary...the world is becoming dangerous now...war and everything...I don't want you doing anything that could injure you greatly...I'd rather you not get involved at all."
"M..Mother..."  He wouldn't have the heart to tell her otherwise...Ming knew how much she worried for him.
"My son, you really do have your father's eyes," she brushed away her son's bangs for a moment.  "Please...I don't want to loose you too...Knives are so dangerous...Your father..." Mia began to lament.
"Huh...didn't dad die because he was sick?" Ming asked meekly. 
"oh y-yes...what did I say now?  sorry, mommy's getting emotional." Mia held her son even closer.
"It's alright mom, I understand..." He hugged her back tearing up. "I miss him too."

But...what did she mean by that...?  Knives....But he died due to illness...right?

~ ~ ~

Ming-Wu, Mia Wu, and Keisuke Wu are my OCs / Art by me :iconnarratorclaire:
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