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Thranduil Hobbits fanart

Fan art of the Hobbits ,for 托爾金ONLY官方紀念合誌 in Taiwan
(Ok,this is an old pic,which finished several months ago,I think I just forgot to submit it on DA...Sweating a little... 
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This is so beautiful I think I'm gonna... Waaaah!  It can't be helped this is so amazing. Great job :o (Eek) I am a dummy! 
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handsome king and his moonlight eyes! wow! 
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Awesome drawing, handsome character.
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wow nice! The eyes look so sharp > <
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OH YES thranduil >3 < :love: 
How do you draw so awesome and handsome ; A;facepalm 
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Really nice work! I love the glittery dusty effect and how his skin glows.
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 his eyes  *heavy breathing*
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For a while, i thought that his eyes were alive
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I love his eyes and the lights in the pic!! Great work!
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He is perfect ♥
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A truly stunning fanart. I especially love the lighting you used, the dark and light contrasts with the gleaming eyes. Great work!
I really like this. I feel it represents Thranduil much more than the actor in the movie.
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