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[DL] Pone Glasses

Some rather casual pony glasses.

Commissioned by: :iconnightb1ader:

I was given premission to make a public release.

DL Includes:
- Separate model of glasses for both male and female bodies.
- SMD files for compiling to make those as bodygroup.

Known issues:

1. They disappear at some camera angles when separate version is bonemerged on anthro pony's head.
Fix: Move glasses "rootTransform" bone to the middle of pony's head

2. They work with head bone, any use of nose-related flexes or bone may cause clipping

3. Gmod compatibility - Unknown, probably not working/bugged. I dont know how to make models work with it, I also dont care enough.
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Where the download the link for the horse on the right
Do you have a download link for the horse on the right
Do u have a download zip link for the horse on the right
Who is the horse on the right?  Where can I download her?
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Quick question. There's a strange glitch that happens in SFM with these. I don't know if it has something to do with the field of view of the camera, but if I'm not at a certain angle with the camera, they disappear. :/ Any idea why that is?
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we always need more types of glasses for ponies! thank you for making this!
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That look's like Markiplier!
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Oh, these are actually nice.
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I needed it for my ponysona, and figured it would be useful for others looking for a similar style.

Merry Xmas.
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oh these are perfect for a project I have coming up Thanks for making them :3
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Awesome, great job man ;)
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I can look smart now
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It's works fine on gmod.
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Ponies with Glasses.... cute... :3

also, I love SO MUCH her eyes!
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