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December 2, 2008
The Desperate Engineer by ~narloke is a representation of what many have to face after graduating. I congratulate the artist on the originality of thought and sheer effectiveness of expression...and make-up! I'm sure by now you understand why I chose this self-portrait to be my last Artistic Nude DD and that you'll love it as much as I do!
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The Desperate Engineer

I love arts, i love photography, but i have to be an engineer at least for the coming 2 years...
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Triple-Q's avatar
Spy sappin my camera
Mysterious-Spirit's avatar
I can so relate to this, sadly.
lainwicked's avatar
i know what u mean = (

i'm engineering student myself
iseekreality's avatar
Engineers are the nameless artists that bring beauty and utility to the civilized world.

May your engineering days be creative and fulfilling!
heavymetalteacup's avatar
hahaha! Superb. :) sympathies. ;)
ecocide's avatar
The make-up is pretty nice, and i like the idea
sedergine's avatar
no other pic could tell my feelings better! :rofl: i'm a civil engineer! :no:
Hexuss's avatar
Engineers! I have to be one too... cuz that's what I'm going to school for... Mechanical Engineer. Same boat... same boat.
DABLEKZ's avatar
engineer is good for making money for buy camera.
Sally-Avernier's avatar
kashmier's avatar
Great creation :)
ColdCity's avatar
how bout quit and live with your mom and dad and take photos for hte rest of your life.
PaperIz's avatar
i love this piece, i mean maybe not to ur situation but everyone can relate to this
peanuthorst's avatar
I like the phallic imagery of that there lense. :p
pastforms666's avatar
oh my god, that is fucking hilarious! sorry for my none eloquent vocabulary, i am feeling quite lazy and being an asian myself, for some reason it hit close home to me! =p
droctor-worm's avatar
thats so expressive!!!
LEADloaded's avatar
why do you have to be an engineer?
Squabbles's avatar
WingDiamond's avatar
Engineering is a noble profession. My dad was an engineer, I probibly should have been. But I feel your pain anyway.
punkerfairie's avatar
I love the emotion that you can practically feel radiating off of this. And the colors are fantastic.
punani's avatar
Very nice, the Artist's Comments seems to fit me too, great! :D
chocolat-mint's avatar
very cool shot.
hey, i hope you at least enjoy the engineering bit for as long as you have to do it.
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