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This inquiry is mostly just out of curiosity, so don't get your hopes up. : ( Some of you might know I have quite a big buffer of pages. There's so many, that you'll get to see my newest one around spring next year. I'm 42 pages ahead. And it's lonely here! I figured - since some of you have expressed interest in seeing a Patreon tier with the whole backlog available - I'd ask further. I'm personally fond of the idea but also very hesitant. Scary! Bad! - Very unstable posting schedule due to me working very sporadically - Fear of reposting/spoilers - Possibly unreliable pages. I tend to make changes to the pages/dialogue afterwards until the day of public posting - I don't want to be greedy but I wouldn't want to share all my work for too cheap - After you've read everything after pledging, whatchu gonna do? Pay big money again to see just couple of new pages later? There's nothing new for you in public after all. Good! Nice! - You get to see much more! Or at least very early.
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GS voice claims! For fun! I got very carried away with this because I found so many juicy fitting lines I had to include.
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edit: DONE, thank you! Headshot for core? I ran out and need it for featuring gift art tomorrow. I could offer a simple colored headshot of your character with a style I deem fit for the design. No humans though. Shoot me a message or comment here!
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Heya! I've been following your art and your comic for sometime now, even before the atrocity known as Eclipse was forced upon us. The first time I saw your art was when I saw a page from your ongoing comic, "Golden Shrike." Honestly, I'm not that big of a reader when it comes to original comics (especially web comics). However, the art and the fact the story focuses on deer (one of my favorite animals) caught my interest. So I read all the pages that were up at the time and I fell in love with it!

I also love how you draw facial expressions (especially angry ones). My favorite character would have to been Nero because of his design, personality, and I find him to be sorta relatable. Also, I like characters who can be douche bags. But yeah, I've been following your work ever since.

Honestly, you are a big inspiration to me, especially when it comes to art. You are one of the artists who inspire me to keep drawing and improving my art. I hope one day I will be able to get myself a Patreon so I can support you. But even then, I'd like to generously donate more than that. Sparklez, Make It Rain! Seriously, you deserve it for your hard work.

I am very shy when it comes to artists I like (especially those that are big inspirations to me), so I'm sorry if any of this sounds weird. In all seriousness, I can't wait to see where Golden Shrike goes next! And even after the story ends, I will still keep following you for your art and I can't wait to see any future projects! And that is all the things I want to say (sorry for making this comment too long), I hope you have a very nice day/night! Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] Bro hug

This was such a nice message to wake up to! I'm happy to hear GS has managed to pick your interest, and I hope you're inspired to follow the story wherever it leads from here. I'm humbled to hear I could inspire you, too. Keep on doing what you do, thank you for taking the time to write to me!

Love the new icon!

your work is really cool, are there any tips for aspiring artist on how you study anatomy and art and animation in general thank you

Thank you! I'm no good with tips so it's just the basic stuff most artist will give you: reference a lot from real photos, watch videos to see how things work to get an understanding that you can use in your original pieces. Check tutorials, test programs and tools. Sometimes a change from normal is just what you need to grow more as an artist.

Hollaaaaaa! Have a Blue llama! :BlueLlama:

Blue da dee da!