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Sailor Moon: Bishoujo Senshis

Prepare to be punished in the name of the moon, nefarious evildoers!!

To be sold at Anime Expo 2014 at Table J29
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never been a fan honestly but this piece is awesome :)
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This. Is. Perfect. aaaaAAAHHHH#26 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50 
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Aww, looks great! :heart:
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Simply amazing!!#35 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50 
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So great !! I'm in love with your composition and the dynamisme of the characters !
Cat Nuzzle Plz 
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oh snap this is gorgeous!
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This is amazing, your style is awesome :D
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o_o    Oh my!
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love their pespectives and faces c: lovely work
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great motion and facial expressions :)
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This is crazy!
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I like how you drew them and used the colors! =]
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This is phenomenal!
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I'm not really a sailor moon fans but this one is nice^^
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I wish I was going to Anime Expo so I could buy this. :c
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I wish I had your version instead 
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