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Zack: Soldier's break

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CRISIS CORE: Final Fantasy VII
Zack Fair made by my boyfriend :iconaoki-lifestream:
Dumbapple made by me X3
by Lifestream cosplay-group

And photo by my favorite photographer :iconarwenphoto:
Don't forget to visit in her photo-gallery -

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR :iconarwenphoto:

More pics

Oh, you - Zack and Aerith by Narga-Lifestream Zack and Aerith: I'll never let you go by Narga-Lifestream Flower girl from the slums by Narga-Lifestream
Don't step on the flowers by Narga-Lifestream Crisis Core: Dumbapple taste by Narga-Lifestream Aerith: Innocence by Narga-Lifestream
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Selkinto63's avatar
Like it! You're awesome))
oscar-ojisan's avatar
a beautiful man ^^
VeraAnthony's avatar
Cool Cosplay. Purple Apple? But, i know: in final fantasy nearly everything is possible :)
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Thanks. Purple apples in Crisis core FFVII named Dumbapple or White Banora Apple. =)
VeraAnthony's avatar
Thanks, I haven´t noticed that before.
FatalTal's avatar
If there was Final Fantasy movie with Zack in, he needs to be in it!!
moonmystery's avatar
oh gosh. I think i might've fallen in love with this side of your boyfriend. xD
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Hahah, thanks, I'm glad you like his cosplay ^_^
Hylee's avatar
Omg its a giant blueberry! :) great pics! they all make me smile!
noobelium's avatar
Wow! That is an excellent zack!! :)
jujugasm's avatar
you make a very nice zack ^.^
Lord-Stardust's avatar
Omg! Those eyes!^0^ <3
Nadeling's avatar
I seem to keep coming back to this photo! I absolutely adore it. So well done ^_^
(Love the whole Zack and Aeris set! This one just catches my eye that teeny bit more =P)
UntiltheEarthisFree's avatar
He is the PERFECT Zack. I have been looking for a good Zack cosplayer for forever. Others are ok, or passable, but he is just perfect. Right down to that smile. His hair's a little messy, but it's a good/cute kinda messy, so it doesn't detract at all. You are one lucky, lucky Aerith my dear! :) :) And did I get it right that you two are Russian? :dance: Because I'm part Russian (and I cling to what little I have) I'm trying to learn your language too. красивый! (I hope I used the correct form of that word, did I?) :) :) Good job. :)
Leyitah2's avatar
im in love with ur boyfriend lol best zack fair cosplay ever
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Thanks, I'll tell him X)
ExiledFantasy's avatar
This is like Zack Fair in real life...*o* I love it!!
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ichimerulestheworld's avatar
The perfect Zack.EVER.
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