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Tyrande Whisperwind - For the Wild


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Watch Tyrande photoshoot VIDEO
I'm so so very happy! I cannot describe all feelings about that, I cannot say how much Tyrande means for me. So I hope my cosplay saying enought about my endless love to the Night elves. Thank you Gleen Rane, Richard Knaak and World of Warcraft for a huge inspiration! 
*before you say "no, Tyrande is a priestess in white dress and she have a green hair", remember her look before World of Warcraft*

Tyrande cosplay, costume, wig, props made by Narga (me).
Photo by KIRA photoarts
Assistants: my dad, Aoki, Hilderry and Julia.
Thanks to Ira Ivanova for an owl. Yes, owl is real.

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Tyrande Whisperwind by Narga-Lifestream   Tyrande Whisperwind - Ashenvale by Narga-Lifestream  Tyrande Whisperwind - War of the Ancients by Narga-Lifestream  Tyrande Whisperwind - Night elf scout by Narga-Lifestream  Tyrande - Temple of Elune by Narga-Lifestream  Tyrande by Narga-Lifestream

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The admirers speak the truth.
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omg you're the best tyrande I've ever seen La la la la 
connectedbylateralus's avatar
This is the real cosplay.
sircowdog's avatar
I don't even like Tyrande as a character, or what Blizzard has done with her story. But holy crap is this super-high quality! 
Ejipcio's avatar
Nimbue's avatar
This is so amazing, I can't stop looking at it.  So lifelike.  This should be a DD, no doubt!
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shiyiyu's avatar
their eyebrows r longer their fucking earss
BarryD-Alive's avatar
So, so totally AWESOME!!!
What a fascinating looking creature the dark elf is, when you don't smooth over the alien aspects of their features. 
JUMBOLA's avatar
Lovely sparkle in your eyes.
Marzy-the-Artzy's avatar
imagine a D E M O N  H U N T E R
Marzy-the-Artzy's avatar
unless she already did one because idk :3
LadySerraphym's avatar
The video is awesome. The owl looked so calm. I am jealous. ;-p
FelixDrake's avatar
Beautiful work. Love your Night Elves the most.
bushidodemon's avatar
WOW, looks like a lot of work!! WELL DONE!!
SandyBPhotography's avatar
This photoshoot is seriously crazy, one of my favorite from you ! So inspiring :') 
Aneeshaynee's avatar
Beautiful pic <3 
Arachnid-Designs's avatar
Oh my gosh, I LOVE your work!
CipherDraco54's avatar
Beautiful, is that owl real? ^-^
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