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The White Frost - Ciri cosplay

This photoshoot is inspired by one of the last main story quest in "The Witcher 3".

DO NOT COPY WITHOUT CREDITS. Reposting is allowed provided credits and links. THANK YOU!

Costume/makeup/ wig by me
Photo/3D background by Kira

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Giggle I have e-book tutorial on this costume with corset patterns in my Store
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Absolutely Gorgeous Ciri!!

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The warrior princess The battlefield is not empty, so you still cannot control your entire life until you are the strongest on the scene

and in order to be able you need to see what is out of your view you need to change and start to know the new wars because your opponent is now yourself because you have not improved anything in your life yet

so this means that if you did not You push your life for the better, it pushes it for the worse, and in order for it to pay for the better, you have to know what makes you weak in order to be strong

You leave the helm of the ship to yourself instead of taking over the leadership. If you cannot lead, then you must learn to drive because if you do not learn you will not be able

All I can say is a beautiful picture Favorites Icon 3D

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I love the breaches though. Is it wrong to ask you where you got them?!?!

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I made them! Also I have an e-book tutorial how I made whole costume in the description ;)

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Outstading cosplay!

Great scenery!

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She is having a bad day

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