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Resident Evil - Jill Valentine - Who's there?

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Jill is my most comfortable costume. No wig, no contacts, a little makeup, comfortable shoes and clothers. I'd like to wear it every day X) Costume is handmade btw.
This is my second photoshoot in Moscow. Thank you JustMoolti for wonderful photos! 

game: Resident Evil 1 (or RE remake)
Photographer: JustMoolti
Jill Valentine - Narga-Lifestream(me)
Costume made and performed by me

Jill Valentine: Take the Green Herb by Narga-Lifestream Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream Biohazard: Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream Jill: Moonlight Sonata by Narga-Lifestream Jill Valentine: Show yourself! by Narga-Lifestream RE: Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream Jill Valentine: Something is amiss... by Narga-Lifestream
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freeze wholy shit
ala33's avatar
nice stance just me
retroreloads's avatar
Love the atmosphere and expression
Frayhua's avatar
Amazing pose & reactionomfg 
Galinas-Claim's avatar
What a great shot!!!  Love the expression!  Your acting in these photos is better than anyone's acting in any of those movies! ;)
AlbertWeskersGhost's avatar
I love the expression, too.  It's like "Well, the Beretta might not be enough...!"
aXel-Redfield's avatar
You have seen things
Pardious's avatar
great photo shoots
Katsumiyo's avatar
That costume is practically perfect! I love the expression, too.
sagat13's avatar
Pretty good.  Kind of resembles the actress from Resident Evil: Apocalypse.
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Oh, no. If that's so, I'll go kill myself. I hate RE movies, Paul Anderson and Sienna Guillory. 
Swaptrick's avatar
Don't say that! Lol. You look much cooler than her. As a long term RE fan, I agree with the Paul Anderson films, they are terrible. They should have just done a movie version of the RE novels!
exDemonius's avatar
Костюм великолепный. Фотосет вообще супер! Только кажется, что в глазах выражение ужаса, не свойственное героям Резидентов.
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
В ремейке первой части Джилл аж стошнило от одного вида трупаков, ужас здесь вполне оправдан)
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Все герои резидентов когда-то впервые видели зомби...)
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I love that expression.
annoyinglizardvoice's avatar
Nice pic. I love that expression.
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Really love  the pose here.
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Beautiful Jill great work
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That is definitely a WTF face XDD 
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