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No more pain - cosplay

Inspired by Chenbo's art

No more pain by chenbo

PLEASE Do not copy without credits. Reposting is allowed provided credits and links. THANK YOU!

Both costumes made by me and my husband Aoki.
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Check out VIDEO BACKSTAGE from this photoshoot.
Photo by Sei photo
Jaina Proudmoore -  Narga (me)
Arthas Menethil - Aoki-Lifestream
Thanks to cibo-black-cat, Siradze and LuckyStrikeCosplay for help during the photoshoot! It was long and hard way but we all did an amazing job, friends!
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Warcraft cosplay - King Arthas by Narga-Lifestream Jaina Proudmoore by Narga-Lifestream Arthas and Jaina - World of Warcraft by Narga-Lifestream Arthas and Jaina - Prey by Narga-Lifestream Arthas and Jaina - Lost love by Narga-Lifestream
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May 31, 2016, 1:47:04 PM
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Nice work ! :)
DamnedComic's avatar
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Just. Amaizing... Like the sorrow in your eyes - really true
Rick-Evans's avatar
Amazing work! Really fantastic!
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I hope to god she doesn't get killed off.. I really want her to become sane again. One of my favourite characters from WC III.
robertjamesftw's avatar
She *is* sane. She's never not been sane. Considering the character's story arc, nothing that she has done or said is inconsistent with a genuine reaction by a reasonable person. Given what she knows (not what we know as readers of the story of which she is a part), we can point at direct real-life analogs to her behaviors, some of which we glorify when they are done in support of a cause we find just.
Zenakore's avatar
Of course her anger is reasonable but she's condemmning the entire Horde because of two cruel and evil leaders.
She shouldn't be looking to go out on a genocidal spree on the entire faction. If she isn't careful,
she could start off a Fourth War. And judging by here current state of mind, she is very willing to let it happen.
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I saw this on the login screen and clicked over for a closer look.  Beautiful lady.  Great costumes.  Awesome picture.
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Really nice job!!
FabioRosado's avatar
Lich king, anyone?
bbenjoe's avatar
Wow! So much work must've been in this :)
Beautiful piece.
Ebonyfare's avatar
Beauriful! I love the colors :)
MonkeySharkPro's avatar
Whoa, from the setting I initially thought this was some hyper-realistic painting, but it's actually a photograph of a cosplay?

Wow, this is beautiful. Excellent work!
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Fantastic art!!!You are really amazing!!!
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