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Lady: Devil May Cry 3

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Narga (myself) as Lady. Whole costume made and performed by me.
Kalina Ann made by Aoki-Lifestream and painted by me.
Photographer Grigoriy Volodkin
Igromir 2013, October 4.

More pics of my Lady cosplay
My name is Lady (Devil May Cry 3 cosplay) by Narga-Lifestream  Devil May Cry 3: Lady by Narga-Lifestream  Are the demons nearby? - Lady cosplay by Narga-Lifestream 
Devil May Cry 3: Demon Hunter by Narga-Lifestream Lady - Devil May Cry 3 by Narga-Lifestream Lady (alternate costume) - DMC 3 by Narga-Lifestream Lady (Devil May cry 3) cosplay gif by Narga-Lifestream Lady - Alternate costume from DMC3 by Narga-Lifestream Devil May Cry 3: Hey you! Catch! by Narga-Lifestream 
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Nice work, Mary. Sorry- "Lady".
YumeHimeSan's avatar
i love it, good cosplay :heart:
joiltonmello's avatar
BaraaChan's avatar
cool and awesome
Ronnin007-md's avatar
Beautiful costume :) as always :)
Jar-cold-Nonsense's avatar
I really like the whole pose and costume design. Great job!
Grell-sutcliff-08's avatar
fabulous baby! just fabulous! and great work on the costume! You fit the outfit very well ;)
Charliesan's avatar
Looks Awesome! :heart:
LithosTisEritas's avatar
Eversong777's avatar
Спасибо, замечательный косплей! Не играл, но одобряю.) 
Azieru's avatar
One sexy devil hunter! :D
kismet2k18's avatar
Damn, I love this a lot! Wonderful job!!!
VictorHugo's avatar
You art a very generous soul!
OvFireontheVoid's avatar
That is so super accurate and sexy LADY dmc
Cash4488's avatar
Now this is more like it! This is definitely the best cosplay of Lady out there and might I just add that you look damn hot in that outfit ;)
AtinNelson's avatar
I can't come up with the words to express how much I appreciate this cosplay and wish I had a picture with you in my Dante cosplay. Absolutely fantastic. *head explosion*
Ascherune's avatar
LOVE your cosplay!
Lady is the best!!
Z3PHYR-11's avatar
Pikachu want it 

Why are you so awesome at being multiple heroines? Sexy, cute, elegance... those words and more.

:worship: revamp :worship: revamp :worship: revamp
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Oww, thank you for so kind words, it means a lot for me *_*
exDemonius's avatar
Как всегда прекрасна! Твоя Леди - лучшая, что бы ты не писала про Аду :)
Надеюсь будут ещё фотки :)
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Спасибо. А что именно я писала про Аду и как это связано с Леди?
Да, фотки будут, мы ещё фотосет новый провели по DMC3.
exDemonius's avatar
Ах да, я что-то подзабыл. Ты в твиттере написала, что Ада - одна из любимейших персонажей... В общем, лоханулся... :) Ну, это всё-равно не отменяет крутость твоей Леди!
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