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Jill Valentine: Take the Green Herb

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Jill is my most comfortable costume. No wig, no contacts, a little makeup, comfortable shoes and clothers. I'd like to wear it every day X) Costume is handmade btw.
This is my second photoshoot in Moscow. Thank you JustMoolti for wonderful photos!

game: Resident Evil 1 (or RE remake)
Photographer: JustMoolti
Jill Valentine - Narga-Lifestream(me)
Costume made and performed by me

 Jill: Moonlight Sonata by Narga-Lifestream Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream Jill Valentine: Something is amiss... by Narga-Lifestream Resident Evil - Jill Valentine - Who's there? by Narga-Lifestream Biohazard: Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream Jill Valentine: Show yourself! by Narga-Lifestream RE: Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream
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What does it taste like?
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It's probably weed

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m whats this now its on my hand
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looking damn good. how bout some photos of you blasting some zombies or something, would be nice
really if i directed a RE movie i found and called you for act jill 
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Amazing! One of my fav characters ever. You look exactly like her! Wonderful work on your part and the photographer as well. Stunning.
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Thank you so much for all kind words =) I'm glad you like it.
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Of course! It's easily the best Jill cosplay I've ever seen. Really makes me wish they'd have done the movies better!
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Excellently themed shots here in this set! Wonderfully faithful to the game. Love it!
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Quick! Take the green herb and restore your health or else "Game Over"! :D (Big Grin) 
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Your work is featured in my "THE BLUE EDITION 2014 - Part II"....maybe you like it…
Most impressive.  You and the costume are great!  But the background is stupendous!
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Thank you) I chose the location for a photoshoot. Glad you like it.
Indeed it really looks like the RE mansion.
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Take the green herb and get HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!
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Very nice, but utterly futile..
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Very well done. :]
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Gotta heal.. Fuck my last Green Herb
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All those pics are just sooo resident evil... Great work. This is not just shooting pics in a RE costume - its like shooting pics of the game itself! I don't find words for it...
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green herbs!
party time!!!
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