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Jill Valentine

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Jill is my most comfortable costume. No wig, no contacts, a little makeup, comfortable shoes and clothers. I'd like to wear it every day X) Costume is handmade btw.
This is my second photoshoot in Moscow. Thank you JustMoolti for wonderful photos!

game: Resident Evil 1 (or RE remake)
Photographer: JustMoolti
Jill Valentine - Narga-Lifestream(me)
Costume made and performed by me

Biohazard: Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream RE: Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream Jill Valentine: Show yourself! by Narga-Lifestream Jill Valentine: Take the Green Herb by Narga-Lifestream Jill: Moonlight Sonata by Narga-Lifestream  Resident Evil - Jill Valentine - Who's there? by Narga-Lifestream Jill Valentine: Something is amiss... by Narga-Lifestream
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Nice pic. Looks like the original rooms are useful.
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click ok im ready
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Download link not working for me, Stunning cosplay in this series
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I love the RE films (too chicken to try the games). This is just a beautiful piece of cosplay. The staging, the costume, the lighting. Just amazing. Even down to your expression and the way the picture's focused. 
Vamore's avatar
This is how it's done! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo Good! Amazing lighting, props, the costume itself is so on-point, the whole sha-bang! : D
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your jill and lady are my favorite cosplays. you are amazing
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This is just perfect. Everything...
Id go through the motions (colors, detail, lighting) everything is placed perfect, but im sure someone else already pointed all this out many times over. I will say...the model is absolutely stunning. A real gorgeous gal. Im sure myself, and every RE fan would be perfectly at home with you playing Jill V in a Movie or Live Action Series. Thanks for bestowing this on us. What a real treat.
Demidrol-007's avatar
Рад, что самая красивая и прекрасная Джилл Валентайн живёт в России!) Вы прекрасны!)
I am happy because most fine and beautiful Jill Valentine lives in Russia. You are excellent!!! =)
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Ах, спасибо большое)
Demidrol-007's avatar
Да нет) Спасибо вам)
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Check 'em and clean 'em.  Well done.  Clap 
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u became famous in FB right now.
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Really? I don't feel the difference)
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
omg, thank you for link, I didn't know about that.
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Featured in my "PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION 2014 - PART II" - I hope you like it...…
Excellent! Although Nemesis is my favorite game, I've always loved the setting of the first game the most, and you have effectively and faithfully captured it here. The Master of Unlocking would be pleased.
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Posted here: TopCosplay
Awesome job :3
This is quite simply the best Jill cosplay I have ever seen. As an older fan of the series, it makes me smile to see classic Jill in her S.T.A.R.S. uniform. Thanks for sharing!
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Wow! This looks like it's from a movie! If someone made a RE1 movie you would be a perfect choice. Best Jill cosplay I have ever seen and I have seen a lot!
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