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Jaina - Icecrown Citadel

By the Light, may you at last find rest, free from the icy grip of that terrible blade.

PLEASE Do not copy without credits. Reposting is allowed provided credits and links. THANK YOU!

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Narga-Lifestream as Jaina.
Aoki-Lifestream as Arthas.
Costumes made by me and Aoki.
Arthas's makeup by Nero.
Photo, edit, 3D background by KIRA kmitenkova
Assistant: Hilderry

Special thanks to my Patrons for supporting this cosplay:
raven54, PTAH, Manuel Erber, Peter Murray, Okwinza, Michail Romanov, Maxim, Mike, Django, Darren Caddis, Ishan, Kendra Lindsey, Exordin, Joel Gilmore, Christian, Nina Rao, Katarina Metz, Kristopher Bagocius, endeavor, Calypsen cosplay, Stacy J. Garret, Direwolf1618, Aerys80, Alastair Christie, Zach Fischer, Ebba Englund, Sue-ann Lawson, JackT, Sandro Vale, Ashley 'Ashes' White, Aliza, Amy Redhead, zinxscar, Xenona_M, Cassy, Stephanie Hall, Ada Czyrkuń, Kam Legacy, Niha Novacaine, moerl, Mary Davidova, NebulaNeko cosplay, Sarah Goblin, Seleya, Angelaaa Serrano y Gato, Renovatio, Ola Irman, Rina Tulina, Foxdie, Brynhild cosplay

  Jaina Proudmoore - Ice Crown by Narga-Lifestream Arthas and Jaina - Fall of the King by Narga-Lifestream  Arthas and Jaina - Last goodbye by Narga-Lifestream  Arthas and Jaina - It's all over by Narga-Lifestream  Arthas and Jaina - End of an Era by Narga-Lifestream Arthas and Jaina - Fall of the Lich King by Narga-Lifestream
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Просто восхитительно!!!!

You can feel like You are there

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I thought it was an artwork. Amazing!

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Greetings To You, Narga-Lifestream Your Artwork is highly praised and prized by me, I am Pnomdeplume124, real name Peter Tokar, from Welland, Ontario, Canada. I have not been on deviantart in a very long time. Have a wonderful weekend.

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The sad look is dramatically beautiful.
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I love all of your wow themed cosplay, especially this series, so tragic and romantic! ...I hope you don't mind but this picture inspired me, so I made a digital painting.
I'm still strong...-Jaina Proudmoore by Mythicalpalette
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I can feel the setting. Amazing.
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I feel saddness in my heart right now too, touching.:)
She's gonna catch her death, with her bare chest left uncovered like that !!
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So stunning *.*
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Absolutely gorgeous!
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Ochen khorosho! (Very good in Russian)
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OMG! it's beautiful!!! <3<3<3
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This is awesome!!!
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My word, that is gorgeous! Wow! 
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wow ! crystal
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Very nice! La la la la w00t! La la la la
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Poor Jaina... lost her loved one a second time!
kathrynslee's avatar
looks like crystal maiden to me... or is it...@_@
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