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Final Fantasy X-2 - Tidus and Yuna - Sweethearts

PLEASE Do not copy without credits. Reposting is allowed provided credits and links. THANK YOU!

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Tidus made by my Aoki :iconaoki-lifestream:
Yuna made by Narga :iconnarga-lifestream:(me)
Photographer - amazing :iconarwenphoto: - more pics coming soon!

Tidus - I'm king of the world! by Narga-Lifestream Final Fantasy X - Yuna - Follow my hand by Narga-Lifestream Final Fantasy X - Yuna by Narga-Lifestream
Tidus and Yuna - Towards new story by Narga-Lifestream Final Fantasy X-2 - Happy End by Narga-Lifestream Tidus and Yuna - Welcome Home by Narga-Lifestream
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Both of you are amazing!
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you guys rock! :)
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Whoa! Looks like Yuna's face... :0
Cid-the-Stampede's avatar
You guys are wonderful as Yuna and Tidus. :)
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Aw, so cute! I love your cosplay, the image quality is really great, too. It's so cute when couples cosplay Tidus and Yuna ^^
kaztelli's avatar
great picture! very cool and romantic too.
tarrer's avatar
amazing shot 8D
ArtimasStudio's avatar
wow, that looks awesome!! :heart:
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Well done to everyone involved in making this emotive piece. I admit I have a soft spot for FFX - it was my first in the FF series and the story of Tidus and Yuna's relationship touches me deeply. Nice to see that the pair can finally have some time to relax on the beach after saving the world!

Maybe a question more for the photographer, but I'm wondering about the filtering or vignetting. Is the darkening of the edges and the picture overall to counter the bright sun against the sand? It does look a bit as though it's more towards the evening, but the strong shadows indicates the bright lighting. That's the only bit that seems a bit odd to me. I still like it, though!
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Awesome cosplay
Silverdragon892003's avatar
You make a lovely Tidus and Yuna.
Ame-kun's avatar
OMG very romantic. Looks so serene and peaceful. Envious.
SamFisher074's avatar
lmao OP should stick the "brazzers" logo on it for jollies xD
kaitiakianahera's avatar
beautiful image, I wish this happen to me in real life :)
VictorHugo's avatar
Beautiful (and quite undeniably erotic)

Feels like it happened the same day when Tidus returned, in the beaches of Besaid island.
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This is so great! I love all of your Final Fantasy cosplays :)
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