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Rainbow Tales: The Joke's on You



Rainbow Tales #24! Starring Fluttershy and The Cutie Mark Crusaders!

Try to trick the tricky, and you'll learn that you are the butt of your own joke!

Back to form i say! With the new season on the horizon I find myself with the sudden urge to make comics again. Coincidence? I think not! This comic has made me flip the order of best filly on its head, before it was Apple Bloom >Sweetie > Scootaloo, but now scootaloo jumped over the other two! I just love her face, its so pony. If you like the comic tell me what about it was good so I know what to keep doing! I certainly hope my humor was good because i totally stole that knock knock joke in its original form. It normally makes the person sit awkwardly. Much fun to be had.

As usual keep an eye out for a certain crosseyed pony...
EDIT: >_> What do you mean i forgot appleblooms tail ah ha... its right there!!

Thank you for the feature Equestria Daily!

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