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Rainbow Tales: Out With the Old

Rainbow Tales #6 Starring Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, and Trixie

Celestia updates the ponies on Twilight Sparkle's new status.
If you notice continuity is nonexistent in Rainbow Tales. The alicorn twilight thing will appear if the scene is based after that happened. Like not in #4 because it takes place right after Season 3 Episode 8 events.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye: Support them too!
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I’m glad we have Twilight as the Element of Magic, because Trixie is Worst Pony.
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Equestria daily bot would be very disappointed.

TBH, my opinion on Trixie keeps changing after Season 6. She keeps going from a character I’m okay with to reverting back to my most hated character. When I posted that comment last year, she reverted to being my most hated character. Nowadays, she reverted back to an okay character. It’s really confusing.
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Yeah, that was kinda confusing.

well, i hope you have a good day!

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*whispers in your ear*

Trixie is best pony

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i made a thing for you, im not submitting it to Equestria Daily.

i just wanted you to see it, cuz i think your cool.

you notify people when they get their lovely art featured on EqD.

Trixie does not enjoy this!

P.S. Trixie will always be best pony

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That's adorable, thanks! :)
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im glad you like it.

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Lol. Hey, why is it called Rainbow Tales if not all of them involve RD?
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she is NOT the seventh element, Sunset Shimmer is 
Sunset is element of forgiveness
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well if you saw rainbow rocks trixie did NOTHING to save the mane 6
sunset helped and SAVED them
no, what i mean is how do u know that sunset is the seventh element? she dont have the elements of harmonys necklace yet !
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well season 5 will be here in spring 2015 we will THEN see 
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Stop reading fanfiction before bed.

Sunset only appears in EQG now.
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By your logic, Vinyl Scratch is an Element of Harmony. Vinyl is the only reason the M6 ever escaped from under the stage, and plus Vinyl's car is the only reason the M6 were able to get everyone to hear them.

Plus, the Elements of Harmony are in the tree now. If there were a seventh element, wouldn't there be a spot on the tree for it?

Too late to introduce any new elements now.
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actually to me sunset is a elemet cause in "who is Sunset Shiimer?" by Hasbro, It said she is now totally 1 of them
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But the elements are in the tree. The tree wouldn't restore things back to normal if there were seven elements, since the tree was given six. So yeah, no new element of harmony.
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Season 5 is here and neither of you are correct
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