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awn trunk

no changes in look, buuuuut:

switched to awn trunk...guys, it is the best dock i´ve seen! it now has spacers, a working tray and a lot of other features

i luv it!!! :D

how to install in ubuntu 9.10 karmic:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:awn-testing
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator-trunk awn-applets-python-extras-trunk
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i like the setup ;) ! what gtk/metacity are you using? Also the can you link the conky config ? thanks a lot ! ;)
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thx, bro :D
well, it´s a very old gtk2-theme, you can find it in my gallery.
grünstich or grünstich2
i´m on kde now, so i don´t use conky :( but it is really easy, i just made this pixmap with gimp
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Very nice work with awn! :-)
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Your very welcome Narf. :-)
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I know that you've switched to KDE4 some time ago, but was it normal in new AWN that it needs restart after most configuration changes?
Besides that, it's good. Tray is finally useful.
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hmmm, no, i never restarted awn after new config. which version is installed?
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Well, nevermind that. AWN 0.3.9 (future 0.4) requires libdesktop-agnostic package, which can be compiled to use different backend. I had keyfile backend enabled, which was causing troubles. Gconf backend works well.
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hehe that´s fine :)
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Actually, this behavior is dependent on libdesktop-agnostic backend. Gconf backend works as it should.
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Kai pointed me in this direction really nice Dock thanks for the directions :)
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how'd you get the wireless signal applet in awn? i dont find it in AWN applets listing with extras added.

also, get pandora radio applet working?
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no, the wireless signal isn´t an extra applet, it is in my tray :)

i tried pandora radio, it doesn´t work
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How did you move the tray over to the left side? My applets seem to be fixed centered.
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i included the spacer applet between launcher/taskbar and the other aplplets and set the dock style to panel
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Doh, typo. Meant right side of course.
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Very nice! Love the choice of colours. I would use "tabs" for the dock icons and maybe neodesktop's wallpapers. Have a look at some of my screenshots or neodesktop's page ([link])!
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thx a lot :)
well, i´ll think about the tab icons :)
and you´re right, neodesktops wp´s are really nice. i´m really sad, that his 2 best wp´s are for apple (appleMagic and appleBeast) :(
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Any Idea how to remove the Selected color around the icon? I tried looking in gconf but it's overwhelming.
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no, sorry, i haven´t any idea too :(
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