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How can I make this bar wider and higher?

is it possible to have it launch google in a different browser? like firefox instead of edge/explorer

make chrome as the default browser

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Nice and simple, thank you! :) (Smile) 
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Do you know why the text is low?
Right click on searh bar and click "Edit Skin". A Notepad document will open, scroll to find the [DefaultText] variables. Higher up than the "Text="Google"" variable, there are x and y variables, which position the "Google" text. Y variable is 8 by default, making it 7 will probably solve the low text problem. You can also change the "Google" text's size, or change the text itself completely (I made it "Google Search" for example) or even leave it blank so there will be only magnifying lens. After all that, don't forget to Ctrl+S so changes you made are saved. After closing the Skin properties, right click the search bar again and "Refresh Skin". All done.
Simple and Nice 
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hi! is there an option like this skin, that visits an internet direction?
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Awesome. Works a treat. :)
After hard Sex men and women Take good sleep
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ugly.. look like gingerbread.. make lollipop version should be great
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lol... sorry.. don't mean to say ugly..
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So... WebOS?
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its a Desktop utility... just google Rainmeter pls
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Well, yeah, but it just reminds me of the webOS Just Type bar.…
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very cool : D
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Ummm... What is this? Just an image of a google bar can't be this popular...
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