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Frans doodles
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Published: December 4, 2016
© 2016 - 2019 narcyzus

I miss drawing Frans~
Aaahhhh~ I improved yey. I thought I am getting rusty. But I still need to do better!

Dancetale © teandstars in Tumblr
Echotale © Yoralim in Tumblr
G!Sans © Borurou in Tumblr
Flowerfell © Sanei in Tumblr
Underfell and Undearswap belongs to their respective creators

Undertal © Toby Fox
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MikaLovesSweetsNew Deviant
I always thought Frans is pedophilia, but now I can't help shipping it.
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ScarletInkPhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
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... it's... beautiful.
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WolfSkeletonArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
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I seriously don't get how this crappy game is so popular?

It's like the purposely made the stupidest game ever and people ironically like it

Purposely poor jokes, where the punchline is that it is extra cheese 

Game play that forces you to play in a certain manner or else the game becomes impossible to win

Breaking the fourth wall and pretending that it is smart

Terrible terrible game
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ArianaWrenCherryNew Deviant

Yet, they made Deltarune.

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YuyukoSheetaNew Deviant

Can't fucking agree more.

They have names like EchoSwapFellShift!Ink, or some shit.

Entire game is just one big instance of r/im12andthisisdeep.

Toxic fanbase and because I'm a Touhou player, I have a bit of extra spice saved up.


Undertale Players Listening to Hopes and Dreams (extra cheese name):


(or some shit.)

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I guess the majority of gamers are idiots
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ArianaWrenCherryNew Deviant

U no nice


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YuyukoSheetaNew Deviant

But honestly, (one thing I forgot to add), I mean no harm to the people who like the game, you know? You don't have any ill intentions. Sorry if I came off as a little harsh, I just have a lot of hate for the fandom and game. (mostly the fandom, though).

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ArianaWrenCherryNew Deviant

Oh, god, yes

The fandom--

*Looks at Sans fangirls*


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WolfSkeletonArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you want to deal with Azure? Cuz he will easily and happily beat the shit and bullshit out of you.
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LunarLovesArthurHobbyist Digital Artist
Urm....Let stop you right there

IGN and other sources rated this game a hit for many reasons that a lot of people,not including myself, agree with

It has excellent graphics,I mean,it rocks the 16-bit and 32-bit EarthBound style

The music is really good, and this is the only thing I personally like about Undertale,but that's just me..

It has a new mechanic in which you can spare and not kill like in most RPGS, which, in turn, sounds bad on paper,but with the execution,people loved it.

It has a variety of wonderful characters, each with their own personalities, making you want to spare and love them.

Now, taking those things into mind, do you see why people love this game?
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Not really

When you consider the fact that

A, it is a modern game made to look like a retro old school game...and yet requires 2gbs storage space despite the poor graphics. Old school games were small byte wise and big game play wise

The game forces you not to Kill anyone. I say this because if you have played the game you will know there is no way to win the game if you killed even a single character. Which isn't revolutionary, they are doing the same thing almost every RPG does and that is force you to play the game the way they want you to .

I personally play games without activating the sound so I guess my lose there ..

The characters were ok I guess but most of the bone guys had horrible jokes. Almost to the extent that you begin to wonder if they were purposely written poorly

I still don't see why this game is so loved, other than it is the only game that forces you not to kill anyone in order to get a happy ending
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ArianaWrenCherryNew Deviant

Well, puns.

The jokes were puns, and they were supposed to be horrible.

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WolfSkeletonArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
"bone guys"


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LunarLovesArthurHobbyist Digital Artist
Fair enough!... I was just hoping you'd see it from someone else's point of view!
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No hard feelings

I guess the creators were just trying to do something new

I personally didn't enjoy the game because I didn't like the assumption that I'm playing the good character

RPGs have various roles and you get to play the game how you want to play it

Without spoiling the game I'll say that in the end they make the assumption that you are not the ultimate evil come to rule the monster and human world both

Which was my end goal

"With the power of all your hearts I will conquer not only my world but your world too. mwahahahahHa!"

I even defeated that f.... Evil boss that the end even though he was super hard to survive... but when I reloaded after the credits he still says

"You are trapped here forever"

I wanted to say

"I'm not trapped here with you, you are trapped here with me. mwahahahahHa I am the ultimate evil and now I get to torture you forever hahahhahahaha!"

Instead the game forces you to play the victim no matter what your gaming preference is.
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LunarLovesArthurHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh... I never actually realized that they think you're the hero...I thought they think you're the...human...and nothing more.
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There are about 4 possible endings I believe

The good kill no one ending
The genocide kill everyone
The neutral kill some let some live
And a secret ending after replaying the game

In none of them can you win by murder

In other words there is no way to play the bad character
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Probably because murder is a Bad Thing? The monsters are sentient beings with lives and families- killing them shouldn't be rewarded with a happy ending or something like that... especially not in Genocide, where you have to go out of your way to hunt every monster in the area down and kill them. In my opinion the battles in that route have weight on their own! They're fun in how challenging they are. And some of the neutrals aren't necessarily "bad" - you're home at the end. The phone call is just to inform what consequences your actions had. You can play the bad character, you just have to face the repercussions of that choice.
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LouiseTheLastWriterHobbyist General Artist
When a ten year old kid flirts better than you o-o
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