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Paris Eiffel Tower Tattoo

Tattooist and Photographer: Casey F. Meehan, Underground Ink Tattoos
Date Applied: 04/18/12
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The tower looks excellent but it seems to me the imagery would be much more powerful without the lettering. It really serves no purpose, we are all familiar with the Eiffel Tower & the image speaks for its self. I'm sure it was by the clients request though, either way it's a well done piece but the lettering throws it off for me.
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Think so? I didn't think the script threw it off that much, but I do agree it wasn't necessary. The client wanted it though and you know how it goes, "The customer is always right."
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Yea, I know how that is. Don't get me wrong it's a great tattoo but a picture is worth a thousand words & sometimes I think script is just like you said unecessary.
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Wow, the line work is impeccable and I love the amount of detail. Beautiful piece!
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Thank you very much. I really love your work too, I've never seen clay work like yours before. Very beautiful.