Worbla's Finest Art Tutorial II

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Welcome to my second Worbla's Finest Art tutorial.
Today I want to show you how you can use Worbla's Finest Art for sculpturs and more.

Two more tutorials about Worbla's will come soon.
And don't forget my first tutorial with varnish and paint it: ❤ fav.me/d5eo48a


For everyone who don't know where to buy Worbla's Finest Art. You can buy it here:
coscraft www.coscraft.co.uk/
my costume www.mycostumes.de/


Let's start:

Step 1

What do you need:
- worbla's Finest Art (leftover pieces)
- head dryer
- acrylic paint/ spray (if you want to paint it later)
- silicone mold (for stones etc.)

Step 2

Time for our lovely magic weapon: the ultimate heat pistol!
Heat up your Worbla's until it gets soft and shapeable. Shape it to a ball or something similar.

You have to heat it for a couple of times until you reach this shape.

Tip: it is TOO hot when your worbla's is brighter/white and rough.

Step 3

With silicone mold:
Press the Worbla's ball into the mold or bend it freehand. Wait until it gets cold and solid again.
If you used too much material, remove it from the mold, take away some of the plastic and press it back into the form again.

With sculpture tools and the heat gun you can knead/shape your model step by step.

Step 4

Is your Worbla's cooled, you can cut or even clean the edges.

Now you can follow Step 7 till Step 8 from my first Tutorial ❤ fav.me/d5eo48a ❤ , if you need it

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your tutorials are so fantastic <3
I wish you would post them as deviations rather than journals though ;-;