Worbla's Finest Art Tutorial I

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Hello and welcome to my second tutorial. I made this one especially for Thomas today.

Here are some pictures on "How to use Worbla's"


But first: What is Worbla's?

Worbla's Finest Art is a thermoplastic that's ultra cosplayer-friendly. It cuts easily with a knife or a pair of scissors. Then simply heat it up with steam, hot water or hot air (90°C), and it'll become mouldable. Once it's cooled down it goes hard again.

Worbla's works with spray paints and acrylics very well. There is glue on the shiny side, so multiple layers can be added when it's hot. And because it's only about 1mm thick, it's very good for creating details.

Don't throw away any leftovers! They can be heated up and then rolled together, then you can use it like putty.

◊◊◊ copied by coscraft www.coscraft.co.uk/ ◊◊◊

you can buy it here:
coscraft www.coscraft.co.uk/
my costume www.mycostumes.de/


Here you can see how I made the medals for my Lady Loki cosplay step by step.


What do you need:
- pencil, scissors or a knife and maybe paper
- worbla's
- head dryer
- acrylic paint/ spray
- sandpaper and spackle
- basic model

How does it work, step by step:


Keep your materials and basic models ready. Here you can see the light brown Worbla's and the basic forms.


Draw a shape or the outline of your basic model.


you're done? then cut it out - wohooo. (You can cut it easily with a knife or a pair of scissors.)
just a hint: Collect all residues. You can use it later for another project!


Time for the magic weapon: the ultimate heat pistol!
Heat your Worbla's, it gets soft and pliable.

my second hint: it is TOO hot when your worbla's is brighter/white and rough.


Put your Worbla's on your basic model or bend it freehand.
Now you have to wait for it to get cold and solid again.


You should heat all your pieces and bend them into your desired form in one go. This is easier and saves you a lot of time.


You don't need to do this step, but you can use some spackle to make your worbla's smoother.

STEP 7 a

If you use spackle, you can grind it down to smoothness with sandpaper.

STEP 7 b

This picture doesn't show it that well, but you can make out what I mean.
Your goal: make it smooth smooth smooth, like a baby bottom. ^.~


Are you done with the previous step? Now you can use all acrylic paint and spray it as you need. Let them dry very well.
For special effects you can use a second paint to draw on it after the first dried through.


Wear it on a convention and be the proudest cosplay in this world ♡

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Doitsuki's avatar
how do you keep your fingers safe?
Naraku-Sippschaft's avatar
I don't understand this question. I never had troubles with this, no matter if I cut or heat it or what ever xD
Firefly182's avatar
I am wondering: how hard does it really get once it's cold/dry again? Me and my boyfriend are planning to resume our armor project again and we started off with resin and fiberglass. But that's not an easy task. Does Worbla get's as stiff and hard as fiberglass?
Naraku-Sippschaft's avatar
no. It is familiar with Wonderflex. But you can use fiberglass, resin, filler or other varnish to harden it.
For example: You can use some tights and resign for a nice and hard varnish.
fuurin-no-uta's avatar
Just a small question. You advise to gahter all the residue. What can you do with it? I've heard you could melt it together somehow?
Naraku-Sippschaft's avatar
Here a super short second tutorial what you can do with all residue: [link]

(or you can make a new worbla sheet)
Black-Cat-Creativity's avatar
can the worbla be heated to fuse with fabric? or do you have to glue it?
I'm going to be working on a costume with it and am curious about this
Naraku-Sippschaft's avatar
I don't know. I glue it till now. But if you want to test it and it will work, let me know it ^^
Korilassical's avatar
Excuse me, but what kind of glue do you use to adhere your worbla to your fabric?
Black-Cat-Creativity's avatar
haha no problem though i will be using wonderflex because the cheapest sight for worbla is on back order and this other one is located in montreal.
Naraku-Sippschaft's avatar
thats the only bad effect about worbla. You can't buy it everywhere cheap at the moment. I hope more shop will sell it soon.
Black-Cat-Creativity's avatar
Yeah, luckly wonderflex is the exact same thing as worbla but stronger and I ordered it 2 days ago i will be getting in the next 2 days XD
BlueSatine592's avatar
Really love this tutorial. You did an excellent job. I am doing a segment on my page on cosplay and props and was wondering i can post this really handy tutorial on my page and send the link back here in case anyone has further questions :)
Naraku-Sippschaft's avatar
this would be awesome. It is great to know, if I can help other people and if they want to link my stuff. Thank you!
BlueSatine592's avatar

This is the link thanks so much for allowing us to showcase your tutorial i took the liberty on showcasing the video as well.
Gangrelhottie's avatar
did you also use Worbla for the horns and if so would you make a tutorial that would be so helpful
Naraku-Sippschaft's avatar
anything is made out of worbla. I think it is too late to make a tutorial about the horns. they are done and I will make it not again for the next...years? But maybe my summer tutorial about a worbla-armor with many many details can help you. I will make Joffreys armor from Games of Thrones as a tutorial. It start in April/May and get finish for Juny.
Mo-Sensei's avatar
Great tutorial, cant wait to start using this product. Just curious how you got the pieces attached to the fabric/material.
Naraku-Sippschaft's avatar
I glue it. But if you need it more like a button oder something like this, you can make holes for sewing or make a 'self-shank button'
buckystars's avatar
What sort of glue do you use?
Naraku-Sippschaft's avatar
what do you mean exactly? Do you mean the spackle?
Mo-Sensei's avatar
Double-A-Cosplay's avatar
Hello~ I plan to make a difficult cosplay out of Worbla (specifically speaking, Fiora from League of Legends) and I was wondering how to go about the chest armor, I can't grasp the concept of making it form to my body (Breast plates, ect) and I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how I should go about it? Thank you for this tutorial as well.
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