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Princess Cadence and Shining Armor Felt Plushies

I wanted to do an alicorn and stallion pattern and just had to do these two! Ahhh I love them so much! Cadence was a bit of a pain because of all her golden armour details, and those big alicorn wings taking twice as long as normal pegasus wings... but I think it was worth it. And I love everything about how Shining Armor turned out T^T

These were for sale at our Etsy shop, but they were actually bought before I had a chance to post them here xD; I'll probably make them again at some point.

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These are really cute for felt plushies! :)
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Those two are just the cutest plushies :love:
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Awe, they are super adorable! <3
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very cute style!!!!
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You should put this one on My Little Plushie too. It's really good.
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I would love to try my hand at making one of these, but I wouldn't know where to begin!
These are so cute! You got the stallion shape down perfectly, and the wings might have been more effort on Cadence, but they look great. So does her armor!
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SO CUTE! Great craftsmanship and excellent work doing the details.
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