National Poetry Writing Month

National Poetry Writing Month

Group Rules

:bulletblack: We accept poetry only.

:bulletblack: There are four folders set up, one for each of the weeks of April. Please submit your poem according to the day it was intended for (consecutively), not the day you posted it. Also, we do not accept entry to later weeks. Those folders will remain closed until that week arrives.

:bulletblack: In accordance with the above, please indicate in your author's description and/or the title that the poem was written for NaPoWriMo (you can simply put the group's icon if you like) and which day the poem was written for - i.e. "day 5" or "April 5th". If you're not writing one poem per day, you can simply put "poem #5" and we will consider it as written for day five.

:bulletblack: There is a limit of three deviations per day.

:bulletblack: While we do accept multiple poems in one deviation, we will accept no more than 7 at a time. So PLEASE have them in this format: Week 1 (poems 1-7), Week 2(8-14) etc. You naturally can have less than 7 in one deviation, but no more than that. So no 17 deviations in one single shot.

:bulletblack: No old deviations. All pieces must be new as of April 1st. Nothing before. No exceptions.

About NaPoWriMo

:bulletred: Your task: write thirty poems in thirty days.
:bulletred: You don't have to write one per day, but it's highly recommended.
:bulletred: They can be as short or as long as you want.
:bulletred: They can also be any form you want, or free-verse! It's up to you.
:bulletred: They don't have to be your best. Take the month of May to fix them up if you like (National Poetry Editing Month, anyone?)
:bulletred: You don't have to finish - but if you do, there may be prizes to be won!

Weekly Challenge Winners

Week 1


01 04 20As I return,
I am walking into my newness with no hard soles.
All shoes left at the entrance--
with the keys hung above them,
as I grow from the seeds
I have learned to love into being.
Those who said they loved me most
could not love me well,
and when I cried for warmth,
the winter found me.
Yet I can call the summers now
among the dead Decembers.
I fell asleep in April,
and in April, I awoke.
I am an ouroboros of changing seasons;
and like the rising tide--
the rising air--
the rising sun--
the rising light--
I live, renew,
never dying
when I accept this fluidity
with love.

Week 2


silver ashes bleeding over allmusic house
mosaicked with rainbow tiles
and laughter
hiding a
dark shape 
in a sea of flames.
grey motes clouding the air
she fell to her knees and vomited.
the world easily turned colour to black
and silver to ash,
ashes that were on her skin, in her lungs, on her tongue.
she was once a ghost here,
silver like her name, and like her voice, metallic in memory,
her whispers and dance-like gestures
lighting candles with her own blood.
it wasn't embers that she was afraid of,
but she still burned.
this time her blood had lit her,
consuming everything in its wake.
now all that was left was
mashed jiutan of sorghum wine
and carnage.
hiding from silver-haired, ash-lipped
monsters at midnight,
whose eyes of oil and claws gleamed
plum in the shadows.
get out. get out.
get out.

Week 3


lift your wings, little craneand fly away.
to my darling daughter,
as you walk past soapstone carvings,
the smell of incense filling the air,
silk sleeves rustling as the train
of your phoenix hanfu slither across the floor—
remember the ease of the past and
the ability to run as we pleased. how I used to
place you on my shoulders in the gardens and
we would run past red columns and black tiled roofs. your
laughter reminds me of hanging wisteria
and the gentle lavender that guides
me to sleep at night. I gave you pinwheels
and taught you disguises, because wearing
masks was an easier freedom than 
running away.
I know you were hurt when your mother
flicked you away and your brother pushed
you into lily pads and dragonflies. but remember,
little crane, the lotus is a symbol of purity and
enlightenment. the mother goddess sits upon
her lotus platform in an

Week 4


Mature Content

:heart:All Hail the Comment Queen:heart:

Commenting Initiative 2020 Winner:


Please vote for Challenge 4:Quick Maths. Entries here: www.deviantart.com/medoriko/jo… 

4 deviants said

Mature Content

3 deviants said if you think I'm rationalfind me
      unfolded two-dimensional 
   climbing deeper
into parenthetical 
   keep pace
      counting primes in
   finite phrasing 
your system of equations
   coming loose
   like snowflakes
like a leaf curling in
   we grow
2 deviants said NaPoWriMo 2020 Day 29: G.C.F.Ur Greatest Common Factor I will be,
No complex thing, just branching out your tree.
If ever you're divided into nought,
Then trust you're not as lonely as you thought.
Each number prime conjoins another's path -
Do not dismiss the lessons found in math.
1 deviant said (28) Irrational Love(3)
years that have gone by
feels like a lifetime that i try
to move
on and forward,
all those moments i never thought i'd miss,
periods of overwhelming bliss...
must go
& forget
you were my one constant
and life without love was never an option,
you shattered
now for ever echoes in me still,
the part that wonders if it ever was real.
full circle
back where i
two cents: all you ever gave me
and all you say i'll ever be.
but so was
my love
to have ever wanted
a pint
of you.
1 deviant said i(magine)imagine
if i loved you
if you loved me
we thought
we were
like the square root of four
living in our boxes
we were half that
the square root of two
that my love is real
that your love is real
push our false love 
let it grow and pretend,
pretend and grow
and maybe one day
we will no longer
need to







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Welcome to National Poetry Writing Month, also known as NaPoWriMo! Your task is to write thirty poems during the thirty days of April. This group is dedicated to helping you churn out those thirty poems by providing you with prompts, challenges and inspiring discussion.
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