National Poetry Writing Month

National Poetry Writing Month

Group Rules

:bulletblack: We accept poetry only.

:bulletblack: There are four folders set up, one for each of the weeks of April. Please submit your poem according to the day it was intended for (consecutively), not the day you posted it. Also, we do not accept entry to later weeks. Those folders will remain closed until that week arrives.

:bulletblack: In accordance with the above, please indicate in your author's description and/or the title that the poem was written for NaPoWriMo (you can simply put the group's icon if you like) and which day the poem was written for - i.e. "day 5" or "April 5th". If you're not writing one poem per day, you can simply put "poem #5" and we will consider it as written for day five.

:bulletblack: There is a limit of three deviations per day.

:bulletblack: While we do accept multiple poems in one deviation, we will accept no more than 7 at a time. So PLEASE have them in this format: Week 1 (poems 1-7), Week 2(8-14) etc. You naturally can have less than 7 in one deviation, but no more than that. So no 17 deviations in one single shot.

:bulletblack: No old deviations. All pieces must be new as of April 1st. Nothing before. No exceptions.

About NaPoWriMo

:bulletred: Your task: write thirty poems in thirty days.
:bulletred: You don't have to write one per day, but it's highly recommended.
:bulletred: They can be as short or as long as you want.
:bulletred: They can also be any form you want, or free-verse! It's up to you.
:bulletred: They don't have to be your best. Take the month of May to fix them up if you like (National Poetry Editing Month, anyone?)
:bulletred: You don't have to finish - but if you do, there may be prizes to be won!

Weekly Challenge Winners

Week 1


morning light falling on a cold, red apple(i did not expect it.)when the flesh closed over the wound,leaving behind red strech marks(i did not intend it to happen.) yetpain breaks through the surface, leaving ripplescrashing across the skinthey would fade, with time, still(i have not intended it) a crash, the fallends up confined, swallow the pill. with each remedythe accumulation persists.it will come for me, certainlythe monster underneath my bed, a decade afterit will hunt me down.apologies cluster around my throatpassing through as strained whispers(i'm sorry) is not enough, my sad brittle heartis sent away for nursinga bit of care, some distance, and it will returnbright and supple as an apple, waiting for the dawn breaking over the morning, after the war

Week 2


Postage Paid (NaPo#12)Say what you will About the atrocities of manAgainst his gods,But shooting the messengerSends the mostPowerful of messages

Week 3


Embracing Sui GenerisTrauma and tears have left the largest wounds,Something to show for what has happenedAnd something, something to scarOver and leave behind my marksOf which I remain oddly proud;For this is something, something I have survived,And I remain proud even if it might be scorned upon,Because it is part of who I am and have become;There is no shame in being yourselfAs you embrace your differences and experiences,And flaws that become our greatest strengthsMust never be underestimated.Heartfriends, gather round my table!Feast on the offerings that I give you in love,All I ask is that you swallow in the name of peace.With all our idiosyncratic marksI ask you to remember:When you reach for the stars, you-You hold them to your heart,And know that they belong.

Week 4


only meI had brought you something,as is polite,but it was a shitty gift -so I took a shovel,and buried it on a barren fieldnext to the interstateon my way here.I had brought you something,not only to be polite,I promise. It was supposed to not beabout money,but then I got embarrassed I didn't spend much -you may have thought that meantI didn't value you (enough).it's been a while.I do not want to bepolite;I buried your gift,I ended upjust bringing myself,with dirt under my fingernails.I could be yours,for a little while;that ought to be enough.









So, I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you within this group. It does not matter if you completed all 30 poems or only 1 poem this month, this group would not be what it has become since I took over in 2015 without you guys. It is a constant delight to be running this special group, and I sincerely look forward to saddling up each year to go through this literary rollercoaster with everyone. I know dA, and the lit community in particular, is not what it used to be. Other OGs can attest to this. But you guys have been resilient despite that, and it means a lot to me to see this group continue where many others have not. So, yet again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being some of the very best of the literature community on deviant Art <3 Also, super special shout out to my admin team:
Ya'll were great as usual this year. Thanks for putting up with my bizarre schedule and me in general :lol:
And with that, I am proud to announce the brave souls who have weathered the storm and completed ALL 30 days/poems for NaPoWriMo 2022.
Congratulations to:
:clap: :happybounce: :la:
If you did note the group and I somehow missed you, please let me know. lol
I'm so proud of everyone in this group, whether you completed all 30 days/poems or not. NaPo is a difficult challenge to take on, as it's hard to stay inspired for that long, and sometimes life gets in the way.
However, the people above managed to make it to the end! So, let me recap our amazing prizes.
Points: 2462 (everyone will get 223 points!)
Features for the winners -- Medoriko from personal page and also through: TandemFeatures NaPoWriMo and will be cross posted to CRLiterature
psto1464: critiques or comments, and llamas for the winners
Anonymous Donor: Diamond badges to three random winners
SicariusAlatum : Llamas to all winners
writingbubble : fragments to randomly chosen winners
QuixoticApricot : features to winners
Ink-Singer : Llamas to all winner, and comment/critique + feature to 5 randomly chosen winners
Thank you for all for joining us this year, and I hope to see you guys again (in whatever capacity it may be) again for NaPo 2023. I will be reaching out to prize donators via note tomorrow, points will be distributed out and then will begin with features for all winners tomorrow as well. Take care <3
With love,
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Welcome to National Poetry Writing Month, also known as NaPoWriMo! Your task is to write thirty poems during the thirty days of April. This group is dedicated to helping you churn out those thirty poems by providing you with prompts, challenges and inspiring discussion.
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Haegun Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2022
In case I was being too literal with "note" in the instructions (I sent the journal via a note to the group), I am also placing it here, just in case.  I will be out of town tomorrow and the weekend, so am doing this now.

NaPoWriMo 2022 Wrap UpWell, I hope I am doing this correctly. If this doesn't get to :iconnapowrimo: I will copy and paste the link of this journal entry onto their page. Aside from my last poem in which I pay tribute to the process and poets, these range from serious to lighthearted, sad to humorous, with different meters and schemes and even some foreign language involvement. And what collection of mine would be complete without including some vampires? So, without further ado, here are my 30 in order:,FFarewell [1]My love's skin has taken on the pallor of death,,PPleasant Surprise [2]I knew her, of course, but I Listened to my,,OOn the Third Day [3]We gathered in the upper room Hiding as we might,,AAnthropocene Dystopia [4]Man has created A new world order Not of politics,,CCycle [5]She woke up, hungry Rising, she went out To answer,,MMadeleine de Proust [6]Proust had it right well, almost for him, is was,,SSakura [7]one tree white, one pink the wind attacks,,KKrashanki [8]A legend In the Eastern Church Says that Mary,,DDialogue of the Fearful [9]If I told you That I love you Would that scare you,,SSakura Sadness [10]木が咲いた 落ちた花びら と悲しみ Ki ga saita Ochita hanabira ,,FFibonacci Love Letter [11]I Donít Know why You think I Donít want to see you,,AAt the Beginning [12]A new found friend gave me a glimpse of the past,,HH P, You're Killing Me [13]H P Lovecraft tried to spell Words coming from the,,IInvisible [14]In a crowd yet all alone no one can see The pain,,MMorning Coffee [15]I mix my coffee Until it matches her skin She is,,AA Dream Come True [16]I look at you And I see a woman Behind whose eyes,,,AA Limerick with Bite [17]My dear wife is not a cadaver Even though the,,LLover's Lament [18]if I've wronged you is my saying I'm sorry,,HHidden in Plain Sight [19]The niqab is perfect For a woman like me I can,,WWhat I Have Learned [20]I've traveled 'round the world in hopes to find,,DDichotomy [21]as with many things there are two sides to the,,RRoller Coaster [22]Pain Needle Chemicals ,,JJump [23]Engine noise Shouting Up and down The line Ramp,,CConfession of a Writer [24]I recently told a friend That I create Imaginary,,HHolding On [25]We hold on to what hurts us hoping that we will,,HHell on Earth [26]A fate worse than death Is dealing with that Most,,CCaptured [27]I am not a fish But I am caught In your net Don't,,MMuch Better [28]Better than the sound Of waves lapping the shore,,MMars, Venus and Earth [29]They say that Men are from Mars And Women Are from,,TTwelve by Twelve [30]This Brings to An end the Event known as
Medoriko Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2022  Hobbyist Writer
The note was perfect and what we needed. Thank you!
miserabel Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, I'm suuuuper late with this, but I'd like to join up on the discord server and the invite link from week 1 is no longer valid Sweating a little... could I have an invite?
Medoriko Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
Midn1ghtInk Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
Hiya! I think the admins for this group have done an amazing job working through all the submissions despite all the glitches in the DA system outside of their control. The only one of mine that looks like it slipped through the cracks was called "Lida Lane", and if it makes it then it makes it, if not then no biggie. This has still been an adventure for a sci fi writer like me haha! Thank you again, admins, for all the work you continue to put in! This is incredible 🖤
Medoriko Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, that means alot! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself. It makes all this so worth it <3 We appreciate your patience with all the dA issues giving us trouble this year. :no: Xyron7777777  got your piece sorted, so you should be good to go. Let us know if anything else seems odd throughout the month. Keeping my fingers crossed the issue has been resolved. And ooo sci fi, you say? I'd love to read. If you want, feel free to note my personal account with some pieces to read!

Much love,

Midn1ghtInk Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
You're amazing, thank you for the encouragement 🖤 if I write anything worthy of not burning I'll send it your way 😂
Medoriko Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
LMAO I felt that. Well I'll gladly reach anything, i'm sure i'll enjoy it! :o
Xyron7777777 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
Hiya Midn1ghtInk!

Thanks for the kind words! We're running a skeleton crew, but we're dedicated to keeping things running. Our overlord, Medoriko is a absolute beast and 0% of this would be possible without her at the helm.

I went ahead and sent a request to add "Lida Lane" to the 8-14 folder. Sorry it slipped past us! We think we might have figured it out and stopped any new units from missing out on our gallery, but we also opened up a channel in our NaPoWriMo discord for anyone who has this same problem in the future. Feel free to send one of us a message if you're interested in joining us there as well!
Midn1ghtInk Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
Sweet! Thank you so much! 🖤 you're amazing *hugs* I haven't made a discord profile yet, but if I ever do I'll make sure to look up this lovely bunch
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