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St Alia of the Knife

Another piece done entirely on the computer. Very difficult for me because it's a completely different way of working than I'm used to. I'm not too excited about her hair or her robes, nor the background really. I'm not a great scenery artist. But I had fun doing it and I like the tones I picked. I'm getting better at that.

Alia is based on the actress that played her in the David Lynch movie but all growed up (Alicia Roanne Witt). No photo reference but I just thought of her when I did this.

You might want to click it for full view cause it's tiny in preview. Don't ask me why.
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...Kali bakka a tishuf ahatt

Al hudad alman dali Alia...

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Absolutely fantastic work! I really like the colours here. And the eyes are so intense! Awesome.
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Dune fanart, nice. I think you did great on the character and the eyes.
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I loved Dune/Dune Messiah. Keep it up! =D
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Wow beautiful!! Great job :)
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Very nice! Though I agree computer style is a bee-yach!
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I don't know if it's my tablet settings or what, I just have such a hard time getting what I want out of these paint programmes. Adobe Photoshop is the only one I can really work with. (OpenCanvas is pretty good though).
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That's what my friend Kat uses, she says about the same thing. Clearly I haven't fully experimented with the mysteries of the Adobe Photo shop lol :stupidme:
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Adobe Photoshop is the most natural feeling programme for me. Mainly because I've been using it since 1995 when it was version 2 or 3 on my Mum's old LC 630 Apple Mac. :) I struggle with Painter, but I try to get used to it. That and opencanvas. I like the different feels, but I can't get that lovely finish with them that I do with Photoshop.

The brushes and the blur/smudge tools are fantastic. Not naturalistic quite like Painter, but very effective and precise. Play with the brushes, that's all I can say! They're great!
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when i read the books, i imagined her completely differently from this. but from artistic perspective, this is damn awesome (especially the hair)!
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Really? How did you imagine her?

Thank you! :D
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i thought about her as an usual muslim woman with that usual arabian round face (now that i think about it, she didnt have fremen ancestors, i must have got something mixed up).
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No, she had noble blood. Bronze hair, pale soft water-fat skin. :) I'd imagine most of the Fremen looking like you described, though. :)
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my try at her, not quite as good as yours.: [link]
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Wonderful work, very imp
ressive! And the colours is beautiful :)
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Thanks! I agonised over them, I'm terrible with backgrounds!
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Wow, very nicely done! I love the eyes!
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The eyes are wicked cool, Nacey!
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