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25 Essential Expressions

This is a challenge and an exercise that I find incredibly helpful when hashing out a new character. It's good to have nearby when doing your panels and you're thinking, "Damn, what does So-and-so's nose do in this expression?" Or maybe your drawing isn't consistent and you want to keep a certain look? Catalogue them on this sheet first and keep it nearby for easy reference!

I'd be more than happy to see filled out sheets in other people's devs! Let me know if you do post it cause I'd like to see it!

EDIT: Fixed typo, took away 'surprised' and replaced it with 'tired', then added 'surprised' to 'shocked'. I want to thank the forum folk at for the suggested changes!

EDIT the 2nd: WOW. This thing has taken off! I will read all your comments eventually, it'll just take me some time!

The Tutorial that this exercise sheet goes with. Enjoy!
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Thank you for this! I kinda just draw blank faces all the time so this is really helpful!

It's gonna be fun working on this! Thanks for the template :D

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Ima try this in ibis paint

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Def going to try this out

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Nice! I'll take a crack at this too!

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It totally blows my mind that people are still doing this after all this time. Thank you! :)

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You're welcome! I found it through "Emirichu"'s new video, she gave a link to this deviation. :D it's fun to do

Thank you! ^v^

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I think I'll use it, I'm still experimenting my style. Ty

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will definitely use this in my next art stream thanks

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I will use it

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Thank u so much now I can improve on my art!!

Thx for the template

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Thanks for the template! This will definitely come in handy with my robo-bunny later down the road.

Dimitri Sherwood: (April 2021 Redesign)
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Those are all expressions I can not convey (except Hollow/Blank of course)

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thanks, this will be very helpful in the future

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This sure helps a lot with my characters when I'll need it, thank you

Thank you so much! This template is super helpful.

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Oh these would be good for making your own emotes

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Amazing. Thank you!

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This is amazing! Thank you so very much! :D

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Okay, maybe I’ll try this

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