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25 Essential Expressions

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This is a challenge and an exercise that I find incredibly helpful when hashing out a new character. It's good to have nearby when doing your panels and you're thinking, "Damn, what does So-and-so's nose do in this expression?" Or maybe your drawing isn't consistent and you want to keep a certain look? Catalogue them on this sheet first and keep it nearby for easy reference!

I'd be more than happy to see filled out sheets in other people's devs! Let me know if you do post it cause I'd like to see it!

EDIT: Fixed typo, took away 'surprised' and replaced it with 'tired', then added 'surprised' to 'shocked'. I want to thank the forum folk at for the suggested changes!

EDIT the 2nd: WOW. This thing has taken off! I will read all your comments eventually, it'll just take me some time!

The Tutorial that this exercise sheet goes with. Enjoy!
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nightshade145Hobbyist Digital Artist

do you have a no background copy?

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Thanks a bunch for the template! I will be definitely using this for my Space Glamz (glam metal OCs)! I'll make sure to credit you when I'm done!

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25 expresions with Demi-king Unown

There´s my desing with Demi-king Unown,my OC.

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PaPastacatStudent General Artist
25 Essential Expressions Challenge by PaPastacat
I've wanted to do this for years now oof
Thank you very much for the template !
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MilaMilkchocolateStudent Digital Artist
 I did this one!
25 Essential Expressions art meme by MilaMilkchocolate
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big-orcatHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks! That was really fun

25 Expressions Challenge with Ruby Rose
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I really like this one. The fact that happy and sad are so similar makes me think this must be a really interesting character, I'd like to know more about them.

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big-orcatHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks! I thought that the fake smile at "sad" would perfectly fit Ruby. I agree, she's interesting character, that's why I love her x)

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emanuelbergNew Deviant

Thanks for your work :) !

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melissa03Professional Traditional Artist
i had fun lol  + Kitten's 25 Essential Expressions + by melissa03
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beatrixplusoneStudent General Artist

thank you, this is very helpful

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PhilomartinaHobbyist General Artist
Essentially Frankie by Philomartina i keep coming back to this, it's my favourite format still
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MegaThunderMasterHobbyist Digital Artist
3ad2a2f9 A69f 4418 9d35 F153cf2a949c By Megathunde by Megathunderman This was really fun .o. ^^ 
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QuentinMimikyuStudent Digital Artist
I've decided to redo it with my new improve style ^^" 
25 Essential Expressions Quentin The Mimikyu V2 by QuentinMimikyu  
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What does essential mean?
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It mean extremely important and necessary or very basic

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MyLittleFantasysHobbyist General Artist
this helped alot with my consistencey thanks so much for providing this! here’s mine
25 Essential Expressions - Copi by MyLittleFantasys
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19t3Hobbyist Digital Artist
Melted Pearl expression meme by 19t3  
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19t3Hobbyist Digital Artist
im gonna join
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xMurmaidStudent Digital Artist
25 Essential Expressions ft. Toon Link by xMurmaid
Had a lot of fun with this!
Lewis Heart icon 
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Scammy-chanHobbyist General Artist
This was a great exercise! Thanks so much for putting this out there! Heart 
25 Expressions Challenge by Scammy-chan
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SpaceLorenzHobbyist Digital Artist
That template is super good! I did the challenge:
25 Essential Expressions - See by SpaceLorenz
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pencilhighHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the meme! It was a fun experience. :happy: 

PW: Expressions Meme by pencilhigh
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