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PW Ace Attorney meme xD

I love Ace Attorney, they're my favorite DS games EVER!!!
1. My Ace Attorney addiction first started when I went to my cousin's house. I was going through her DS games and came across Justice for All. She told me I could play it since she couldn't get passed one part of the game, so I gave it a try. After that, I got hooked on it.

2. I loved that Turnabout, especially Klavier and Daryan going at each others throats during the investigation portions :D

3. Seriously, Miles Edgeworth is F****** awesome!

4. At first I thought his hair was flat, but then he introduced himself and THAT came popping out! I was definitely surprised by it...his hair...his ozone layer-destroying hair ^0^ <<<he's one of my favorite characters, too...

5. self-explanatory for the most part

6. Didn't you just feel sorry for Gumshoe during the whole time playing those games? If I was Edgeworth, I'd definitely raise his least enough so he doesn't have to buy instant noodles constantly.

7. Om-nom-nom~

8. KlavierxTrucy. Turnabout Serenade won me over for that pairing <3

9. Tah~Dah, crazy sociopath Engarde, ready to blackmail you for all of HIS needs ^_^

10. Max Galactica of course! ~Sorry, I drew him mostly from memory, so he looks weird (and his hair isn't high enough...)

11. Don't get me wrong, Manfred von Karma is freakin' amazing! But how dare he frame Edgeworth! Hasn't that guy suffered enough throughout his life???

12. Lang-Zi says: Anyone who hasn't done this meme needs to do it NOW!!!
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..........I HATE YOU ENGARDE!! D<
And poor Gumshoe...

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Uh, you do know what guys hair looks like right? :O_o: (Hint: Mara)
naotoshirogane1's avatar
(O.o) Thank you so much for making me have that visual...I can never look at his hair the same way again...
Sharkmon97X's avatar
Just doin' what I can. :iconlaughingplz:
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Ugh I swear everyone loves Max Galactica except me. I HATE HIM WITH A PASSION D: probably because I'm extremely paranoid about stereotypes. I hate them. And... yeah, one look at Max should tell you what I mean XD
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Haha I know right? To be honest, Max kinda annoyed me, but he was way better than Masque de Masque in my opinion. But yup, he fits all the stereotypes...except for the fact that he's a "country bumpkin" how Maya put it xD
Focussight's avatar
Good to know that there's SOMEONE out there who hasn't fallen head-over-heels in love with him... ._.

Summary of Max:
"FABULOUS, sweetie! I'm going to throw playing cards and white roses everywhere while not wearing any form of a shirt~! 8D"
naotoshirogane1's avatar
Hahaha that's a very good summary! You basically captured all there is to know about Max! xD
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xD indeed. Oh and I'm convinced he's using Regina to cover up his flaming homosexuality. Even though he makes it obvious anyway... XD I dunno. I just like to believe that, I guess.
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Haha probably. I found it funny how Max called Phoenix "Sweetie" after he finally got Phoenix to be his lawyer.
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xD haha yeah. I don't like the fact that Phoenix was actually considering flying into the courtroom. Seriously, Nicky? Please don't submit to his... ways... it could get ugly. :XD:
naotoshirogane1's avatar
Pfft that part was hilarious. Even Maya couldn't believe he was considering it, and she's one of Max's biggest fans!
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