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1. "EggRobo"    Written by: Toni Ferraro, Sam Beddoes, Ryan Perreault, and Joanie Rich  
Robotnik seems to have created the biggest threat to Mobius yet... the EggRobo! But it doesn't seem so rough to Sonic and Tails... so when Robotnik tries to adjust him, Scratch and Grounder accidently mess up EggRobo's updating program, so now EggRobo is TWICE as evil as Robotnik himself. Will Sonic be able to stop the new and improved threat to Mobius?

2 "Sonic of the Jungle"       Written by: Toni Ferraro      
King Leo of the Great Mobian Jungle asks Sonic and Tails to help stop Robotnik from turning his jungle kingdom into a giant robot-making factory.  Sounds easy enough, only Robotnik is secretly getting help from someone inside Leo's kingdom...

3. "Sonic To the Rescue"    Written by: Joanie Rich  
When Tails is kidnapped by Scratch and Grounder, Sonic must give Robotnik his sneakers in order to get his little pal back, but without his sneakers, he can't get away.

4. "Poison Plant Peril"   Written by: Joanie Rich    
When Sonic is poisoned by a deadly plant, Tails must get an antidote from Robotnik's lab deep inside his fortress.

5. "Revenge of the Ducks"        Written by: Joanie Rich      
Dr. Quack (formerly Dr. Quark) has returned for revenge against Robotnik and Sonic. They must learn to work together before he duck-ifies all of Mobius!

6. "Way Past Evil"    Written by: Joanie Rich  
Robotnik has brainwashed Sonic to work for him! Can Tails bring Sonic back to his senses before it's too late?

7. "Hero For A Day"    Written by: Toni Ferraro    
After Tails protests that he's tired of being the neglected sidekick, he and Sonic trade places, so that now Tails is the hero, and Sonic's his sidekick.  But the role of hero kinda goes to his head as he goes against Robotnik, wanting to take over Turquoise Hill Kingdom.

8. [OPEN]

9. 12. "Black On Blue"      Written by: Marisa Smith      
An explosion causes Sonic to lose his eyesight.  And now he has to blindly get through Robotnik's traps in order to rescue Tails and Professor Von Schlemmer.

10. "Chaos on the Floating Island"      Written by: Toni Ferraro & Joanie Rich      
When Robotnik learns of the legendary Master Emerald, he and his henchbots set forth to the Floating Island to nab it.   Sonic and Tails follow to stop his latest scheme, but stopping him will be harder than before when Robotnik tricks the island's guard, Knuckles the Echidna, into thinking Sonic and Tails are the enemies, and he does everything in his power to get in Sonic's way!

11. "Little Blue Riding Hood"    Written by: Toni Ferraro      
In order to help a Little Red Riding Hood delivery service, Sonic and Tails dress up to fool a gang of wolves that are harassing the company.  But the wolves get help from Dr. Robotnik...

12. "The Wizard of Odd"       Written by: Joanie Rich        
Sonic wakes up in a world where everything he knew is turned upside down - even his lunch talks back to him! Can Sonic find the way back home?

13. "Homerun Sonic"       Written by: Joanie Rich        
Sonic and his friends are at the Mobian World Series when Robotnik challenges them to the hardest baseball game of their lives!

14. "Stormin' Sonic"  Written by: Katelyn Jewel (and loosely based on a book written by Marc Gasoigne and Jonathan Green)
Sonic and Tails have never seen anything like it. Every place they go is being affected by a Robotnik's newest invention, The Weather Egg creating climate chaos wherever it goes. It's up to them to stop it and save Mobius from a weather wipeout.

15. "The Big Switch"   Written by: Christina Williams    
The Badniks succeed on using Robotnik's new invention, the "Mind-Transfer Automaton" on Sonic.... the only problem is,  Sonic's mind is switched with Scratch's!

16. "Granny Hedgehog"    Written by: Toni Ferraro    
Sonic and Tails are forced upon the care of an elderly hedgehog, claiming to be Sonic's grandmother.  But there may be more to her than just an annoying old fart...

17. "00-Sonic"        
When a Secret Agent has been taken out of commission, Sonic offers to complete his delivery, but he has no clue what he's actually carrying and that someone plans to stop him at any cost.

18. "Get Those Emeralds!"      Original Idea By: Louise F. Andersen      Written by: Toni Ferraro      
Robotnik builds a hyper death ray and plans to use the Chaos Emeralds to power it.  Can Sonic and Knuckles put aside their differences to stop the doctor from loading his ray?

19. [OPEN]

20. "Sonic Meets His Match"      
Sonic stops Robotnik and his new machine, Metal Sonic, from torturing a town, and also gets caught up with his major fan, Amy Rose. But Metal Sonic captures her, and Sonic goes to Robotnik's fortress to rescue her. Robotnik reveals that he's also captured Tails, and to get both back, Sonic must go against Metal Sonic in the Stardust Speedway Zone.

21. "All The Fun Of The Fair"      Written by: Katelyn Jewel      
No description yet

22. "King Coconuts"  Written by: Toni Ferraro

23. "Race For the Master Emerald"      Written by: Toni Ferraro      
After a botched Master Emerald heist, the emerald falls to Mobius and is lost. It's a three-way battle to retrieve it as our heroes and enemies aren't the only ones after it.

24. "Do You Take This Robot To Be Your Wife?"     Written by: Unknown (up for grabs if anyone wants to try and write it)     Original Idea: Louise F. Andersen      
Robotnik Jr. has proposed to Breezie, who has gladly accepted, much to the old doctor's dismay. Can the two robots live happily ever after, or will Robotnik ruin it?

25. "Revenge of the Costume Boys"      
Written by: Zach Kershner      Halloween's around the corner, and Sonic's become extremely tense as it approaches. But an adventure in Pumpkinville will show why he hates Halloween...

26. "Déjà Blue"     Written by: Katelyn Jewel    
Robotnik and his goons steal Professor Caninestein's time traveling device, to allow the user to jump back to a certain point in time, and thus allowing the Badniks to "fix" their mistakes when catching Sonic.  When Caninestein notices events repeating (all while Sonic experiences a constant case of "deja vu") they must work together to get the time device back before the time stream is destroyed.

27. "Tails and the Fox Crew"      Written by: Ryan Perreault      
Tails is feeling lonely, being the only fox in the group.  But when he meets a couple of fox techies like himself, his mind is distracted from everything else... including the fact that Sonic and Amy are captured and Robotnik plans to acid rain a town!

28. "To Catch A Princess"      Written by Toni Ferraro      
Robotnik invades the Kingdom of Z, but the princess manages to escape and hides in Emerald Hill, where a Princess Festival is taking place.  But then a group of princess-contestants get caught in the middle as Scratch and Grounder kidnaps them all in order to find the real princess... Amy included!

29.  "A Flicky Situation"     Written by: Toni Ferraro
Amy stresses about the events happening with Sonic after he fought with one of Robotnik's new robots. So Sonic decides to take her to Flicky Island for a vacation. But these two can't go ANYWHERE to relax, once they find out Robotnik is there to take the Flicky Island's Chaos Emerald.

30. "Underground Town Terror"     Written by: Toni Ferraro      
Knuckles babysits Tails on the Floating Island while Sonic and Amy are on their vacation in Flicky Island. But afterwards, these two go on an adventure together as they're swept downstream and into a cove, which leads to an underground city filled with lemmings. But they're taken on as terrorists immediately, when the REAL terrorist continues to damage their town. How will Knuckles and Tails save the underground city when they keep getting arrested? How will they stop the terrorist? How will they escape?

31. "The Brawl of Them All"      Written by: Toni Ferraro      
After kidnapping Professor von Schlemmer and using his new Muscle-Matic Machine to become stronger, Robotnik challenges Knuckles to a wrestling match. If Robotnik loses, Knuckles must save the professor and reverse Robotnik's muscles.  But if Robotnik wins, Knuckles must hand over the Master Emerald...

32. "Hunger Pains"     Written by: Toni Ferraro & Joanie Rich    
Somebody has taken away all the food on Mobius. It's up to Sonic to get to the bottom of this, all while he and his friends are starving.

33. "Runaway Robot"     Written by: Toni Ferraro    
After Grounder is blamed by Scratch for their latest defeat by Sonic, he is demoted by Robotnik.  Unappreciated, he leaves the fortress, and is found by Tails, who tries to convince Sonic that Grounder may have changed for the better.  Grounder tries to help Sonic, but ends up messing things up, even to the point where Sonic find himself and his friends in danger!

34. "Schoolhouse Mock"     Written by: Katelyn Jewel    
Sonic is invited to a school to be an inspirational guest speaker for children.  But Robotnik, in disguise, thows some demeaning facts into the crowd to make Sonic not-so-inspirational....

35. "Battle of the Brains"   Written by: Lucia (last name unknown)    
Tails enters a "Battle of the Brains" competition, but little does he know that it's actually a trap by Robotnik to capture the world's greatest geniuses!  Sonic and Amy set out to save him, but the prison he's held in is impenetrable!  How can they save their little buddy?

36. "Wishful Scheming"       Written by: Katelyn Jewel      
After Coconuts is sent to a landfill by Dr. Robotnik to collect scrap metal, he finds a lamp and brings it back. Robotnik doesn't want it at first, but then after accidentally rubbing it, a genie comes out and offers to grant him and the Badniks each a wish. While Robotnik is thinking about what to wish for, Scratch and Grounder accidentally throw the lamp out the window after they and Coconuts get into a fight over who gets to make wishes. Tails discovers the lamp and brings it home so he, Sonic and Amy get to know the genie and start making wishes.  Meanwhile, Robotnik sends the robots to get the lamp back.

37.  "Sonic The Marine"     Written by: Ryan Perreault      
Sonic saves an aircraft carrier served by Sgt. Doberman and falls for a fighter pilot named Knife.  Knife explains to Sonic that Robotnik planted bombs in special locations on the planet after she hacked into his program, preventing Robotnik from blowing them up.  But now Robotnik wants to blow up M.S.S Green Hill in order to obtain his information back.  Can Sonic save both the ship AND the five locations?

38.  "Amazing Amy"      Written by: Toni Ferraro      
Knowing that she'll never be as fast as Sonic and Tails, Amy runs off to be by herself, and ends up nearly running down a sorcerer toad. He says he can help her into becoming a stronger and faster person. And with her new abilities, she does many good deeds, which makes her a hero instead of Sonic. But this also catches the eye of Robotnik...

39. "Zeroes In A Half Shell"     Written by: Unknown (up for grabs if anybody would like it)     Original Idea By: John Martin        
A pair of tortoises who were once superheroes have an accidental run-in with Dr. Robotnik and his two goons.  Sonic is aided by Captain Rescue on his mission to save the two tortoises.

40. "Partial Recall"     Written by: Katelyn Jewel     After another failed mission which results in the destruction of Robotnik's latest invention, Robotnik demands to know what happened, and the S.S.S.S.S Squad each tell their warped version of the earlier events.

41. "Sonic Beyond"      Written by: Toni Ferraro      
Robotnik attempts to use Time Stones to go back in time to stop Sonic, Tails, and Amy from being born. Sonic foils the plan (as usual), but ends up going into the future with Robotnik, where he goes into a Mobius that is taken-over by a more powerful Robotnik, plus meets another hedgehog who's even faster than Sonic himself.

42. "Babysitting Blues"     Written by: Joanie Rich, April Dee, & Toni Ferraro    
Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are turned into babies, so Amy and new friend Shoko must find a way to bring them back to normal, all while trying to escape the Badniks, as well as be on diaper duty.

43. "Robotnik's Apprentice"     Written by: Toni Ferraro    
Just when it seems everybody on Mobius idolizes and adores Sonic, Robotnik finally finds someone who idolizes and adores him and decides to train her in the way of evil.

44. "Chili Dog Jam"     Written by: Unknown (up for grabs if anyone wants to try and write it)     Original Idea: Louise F. Andersen      
To impress Sonic, Amy creates her own chili dog recipe. However, Robotnik learns of her success and kidnaps her in order to make her cook up a trap for our hero in blue.

45. "Robotnik's Revenge"      Written by: Katelyn Jewel      
After overhearing Sonic and Tails' conversation, reminiscing of his old plans that failed, Robotnik decides to go back to his vault, revamp all this old plans, and put a stop to Sonic and his friends once and for all!
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