Doing a free art raffle tomorrow :)

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I'm doing a 'tombola' as part of my summer fair thingy mabob :3 I'm not sure if anyone uses the word tombola outside of the UK, but its basically just a raffle, normally held at summer fetes <3
So yeah! Tomorrow I'm holding a free art raffle, if anyone's interested in getting a chance to nab some free art ^^

I had a stupidly short deadline I suddenly had to meet last week, so I kinda just worked non stop for 4 days straight, it wasnt fun, I hope I never have to work like that ever again ;_; Anyway, it meant I did the inevitable and didnt update with any daily summer themed art from other artists, but heres a suggestion made from my last journal:

Fullbody Commission for JuliusRabbito! by snerkflerks   (Thank you for the link :iconJuliusrabbito: <3 )

If anyone else has any links to stuff, do share your pictures or other pictures with me :D
I think I'm just attempting to re-live my childhood through this btw XD When I was a kid I lived waaay out in the middle of nowhere in a teeny tiny village, and the highlight of the summer holidays was the summer fair we would have each year, along with a 'barn dance' in the evening, aahh simple happy times :D
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Oh, thank you for the feature!