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I wonder who will win? :D I only got two requests on DA, but like 100+ on FA haha, just goes to show where I'm getting more of an audience and thriving community these days ^^; Its still nice that some people on da took part though! :3

continuing with my summer themed pictures, this kinda counts, right?

Cartel Moguer 2016 by SueKeruna
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Mermaid hair by JuliaNikitina
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I'm doing a 'tombola' as part of my summer fair thingy mabob :3 I'm not sure if anyone uses the word tombola outside of the UK, but its basically just a raffle, normally held at summer fetes <3
So yeah! Tomorrow I'm holding a free art raffle, if anyone's interested in getting a chance to nab some free art ^^

I had a stupidly short deadline I suddenly had to meet last week, so I kinda just worked non stop for 4 days straight, it wasnt fun, I hope I never have to work like that ever again ;_; Anyway, it meant I did the inevitable and didnt update with any daily summer themed art from other artists, but heres a suggestion made from my last journal:

Fullbody Commission for JuliusRabbito! by snerkflerks   (Thank you for the link :iconJuliusrabbito: <3 )

If anyone else has any links to stuff, do share your pictures or other pictures with me :D
I think I'm just attempting to re-live my childhood through this btw XD When I was a kid I lived waaay out in the middle of nowhere in a teeny tiny village, and the highlight of the summer holidays was the summer fair we would have each year, along with a 'barn dance' in the evening, aahh simple happy times :D
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I started up my summer fair yesterday! WOW what a day to start, today was hotter then I think I've ever experienced it, 33 degrees o_o 

Anyway, to go along with the summer fair, I wanna feature a different summer themed picture every day <3
Here's today's summer themed piccy, look how lovely that light was captured:

The Yellow mountain by JuliaNikitina

But yeah, I'm worried I wont be able to find summer themed pictures for two whole months XD So, if anyone has any suggestions or has drawn any pictures themselves with a summer theme, could ya link to them and I'll feature them in a journal? :3 Thank you!!
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If anyone is going then maybe I'll see you there! I spotted a few friends selling stuff themselves so I'll see you guys at least :3
Its the first time in a long while I'm selling comics on my own table ^^ I decided to do it in order to see if my lack of confidence in the kinda stuff I do is justified or not, so maybe we'll see at this con if I do any better then normal when my work is more spread out/within the comic village. We'll see! :3
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lol whilst everyone was watching the live nintendo video and commentating about pokemon stuff, me and my sister were half way through beauty and the beast, and just ttly got into it and couldnt stop half way through, and kept adding our own commentary on random qoutes from the film on our twitter feeds haha

Now I totally need to catch up on the big news, from what I gather its exciting stuff! :D
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I listened to a talk with the guy who wrote the song (which is part of a musical about his life/being affected by cancer) before I checked out the animation, so I think I feel more emotionally attached, but yeah its so cute but sentimental at the same time! <3
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I saw The Revenant last week in the cinema, but I feel a little cynical about it ^^; I probably feel more so because its been getting alot of praise etc, so I went into the cinema with fairly high expectations haha
Aesthetically I can't fault the film at all, I think it was very pretty AND atmospheric! The mix of music and attention to silence/sound, along with all these ranges of different shots made it really suspenseful as a film to me. Also I've never been to North America and always wondered what's its like to live amongst such epic and varied landscapes, as opposed to England where our countryside is small and as non dangerous as you can get XDD

But yeah., it was the story that kinda made me leave the cinema feeling a bit 'meh'. I personally felt disappointed that the set up of the film kinda made it seem like it wanted to be self aware of colonialism and violence, and all those affects on America and Native Americans. And yet Native Americans are barely featured in it, they didnt seem to have any voice of their own in the story. I've been made aware recently of how much this urks many Native Americans when it comes to mainstream film, and US culture in general. And then there was also this focus on violence being bad and evil, yet the story ends up just your typical simple bloody revenge story ^^;
Also, if the main character was so one with the land and knowledgeable on survival in the wild, why the hell did he decide to attack a mother bear with cubs at all, let alone a SECOND time?? XD 
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Ever since fusion was first shown in the show, I always saw it as a interesting representation/exploration of relationships and how different relationships affect different people.

I really admire SU for exploring this in depth, I've never seen an animation that has done this before! But I was surprised when I first saw an episode focusing on fusion that no one really talked about the metaphor or what fusion might represent. So do you guys have any thoughts on this?

I really admire the depth in which fusion represents relationships. The choice of exploring relationships through a metaphor means it focuses on all manner of relationships rather then just sexual (which is almost entirely the only kind of relationship I see explored in any kind of depth in most tv shows both live action and animated). This approach also means that the show explores how ALL relationships of any kind fundamentally affect people in some kind of emotional way.

Its great to see a story showing how people are affected emotionally and psychologically when having a connection. All of the fusions have explored so far the very psychological pov on relationships (which I think is a healthy way in which to observe and reflect on your connections with other people), how you lose your sense of self or image of who you should be if you become close to other people, and how the conflict or lack of conflict in giving that up can affect you or people around you.
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Keeps making me cry ahaha ;_;
Its taken me a while to get round to watching it and then get through it, and I'm kinda nearing the end of season 1....oh man its so emotional o_o
  • Listening to: Bastille Pompeii
  • Reading: Emma (how many times Ive read this lol)
  • Watching: steven u
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Keeps making me cry ahaha ;_;
Its taken me a while to get round to watching it and then get through it, and I'm kinda nearing the end of season 1....oh man its so emotional o_o
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I like seeing a gazillion different interpretations of one idea, and in most cases a particular theme thats been set up for each day :3 It shows how much variety and unique style can be found within each artist, which also shows how medium and visual style only contributes a small part of what creates individual styles in art ^^
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...and I'm addicted already o_o Its so cute, so many new vocaloid songs I havent heard, THE OUTFITS, so many fun things to play around with too! Ah my new fave DS game!
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I'm sorry for always being so bad at replying to comments, and making comments for that matter! I try hard to comment on stuff and peoples journals as much as I can, but I really do find it hard to be in the right mood to 'talk' even on the internet XD I'm an introvert at heart haha.

That goes for other parts of the internet too...any social media or forums tbh. I'm not cut out for being online constantly, but I feel most of the time like I *have* to be in order to connect with any of my online *and* irl friends. I'm sure this isnt true, but I certainly feel like people will get annoyed or impatient if I dont reply to messages quickly enough- not that it makes me reply any quicker XD I dont want people to think I dont like them either! I really do! I just get worn out easily and most evenings feel too tired to reply to messages, my socialbleness normally comes in spouts ^^;

I have to say I also enjoy not being constantly on my phone or computer, I think its good to not have my mind constantly switched on. Now I've just got to figure out how to switch off the guilt I feel for taking weeks to reply to online messages :P
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...I'll just harp on about Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell a bit :P I'm LOVING this series (I've been enjoying GoT too XD)
I havent read the original book so the story's super exciting to me too. My favorite thing about it is the fantastic incorporation of history and traditional folklore. Alot of the magic in there reminds of fantastic old folk tales. Its a nice celebration or exploration of British folklore and folk stories that people either dont know exist or arent talked about very much (as opposed to say, Japanese folklore which is kind of similar but people are very familar with it compared to here).
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-what do ya think? :3

I've never considered using patreon before, but I noticed the other day on someones patreon that they offered a free art raffle to patrons every month, and I've always wanted to do a monthly raffle for plushies, but am not allowed on a normal website, and plushies are too expensive to give away/make in free raffles for me.

So, I'm putting it out there for possible consideration...

Would you give $2 a month if it meant you were put in a few different raffles each month for custom plushies and pre-made plushies?
I also thought maybe a nice thing would be to make discounts on my commission prices for patrons?
I havent thought of anything else yet, what other kinda things would you like if you were a patron to a plushie artist? :3

Since plushies are a very physical kinda art, I would personally prefer to use patreon if patrons get something physical and exclusive out of it, and a free regular raffle seems like a lovely way to do that. Would anyone following me be interested in such an idea? ^^
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As in, music constantly playing in your head. I'm just curious! You see I kinda assumed almost everyone had this, but I listened to a radio documentary about it, and apparently its not as common as I thought!
In the documentary, it focused as well about it being an 'issue' (and therefore given a 'syndrome' label by doctors which I cant remember), but for me personally most of the time it isnt an issue, its just sorta there and thats it XD
I normally ignore it and music just continues in the background. The only time it bothers me is when I'm having anxiety attacks, at which time it becomes something that my brain uses as an excuse to be paranoid about (when I get anxious I start looking into random stuff and seeing it as a sign that something bad is gonna happen) I promise I'm not crazy haha XD

But yeah, does anyone else have a constant ear worm? Perhaps you've never thought about it before if it doesnt bother you? :3
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I've had this idea for ages but havent really had the spare time to do them 'til now! :D

Click on the piccy for details (wow is this a new DA thing or have I just not linked to anything fora  while?):

Sticker Book Commissions :3 (only from Jan-April) by Naoru

They're really fun to do XD I'm a bit of a sucker for stickers though, I like to buy them from stationary shops and put them all over letters and my laptop haha
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I've been laying low on the internet the last two weeks and generally spending as little time on my computer as possible XD So sorry for not commenting on stuff or looking at journals recently, I hope you've all had a nice holiday though ^_^

Happy New Year! I have lotsa stuff planned for the new year in terms of art, can't wait to get working on it all :3
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Its Diwali tonight! Happy Diwali!! Keep a look out for fireworks :D

And in other news, myself and :iconfiafreckles: have printed the first of issue of Headcase! It looks all nice and shiney! And :iconfiafreckles: will be selling it at London Expo this weekend along with all her other lovely prints and a new shiny comic about monsters too! So yeah, if you're going to Expo go check it out!! :D