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The tea collection: Ginger and Lemon

By Naoru
I'm doing a series of watercolour/pencil illustrations where I've personified various teas, and its like turning out to be the funnest idea ever

So this is Lemon and Ginger (can you guess which ones which?? XDD) They are twins, Ginger being the sister and Lemon the brother. Ginger is very very good at teasing Lemon, who is consistently displeased with everything haha!

All of these illustrations are going to be sold at Expo, not as prints, but the original pieces (I have no idea for how much yet...maybe £10? They're just under A5 size)! If you're at Expo do check them out, I'm hoping to have two different images of each tea =3

I'm also having a lot of fun 'cause I'm going for a CLAMPish approach...I just adore their artbooks so much, I wanted to go with a similar emphasis on colour and backdrops, although my style isnt as detailed.
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This is such a wonderful idea! :dance:
I can't wait to see more teas! :tea:
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Thank you :D If you have tea suggestions, send them my way, I have feeling you'd be an expert XD
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My favourite at the moment is Assam, I think English breakfast would make for a lovely picture : D
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hehe awesomely I did Assam yesterday (or Chai, but after some research I realised they were pretty much the same thing, but with added spices...) and I'm finishing my English Breakfast picture today XD