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Scheming squirrel

By Naoru
Another portfolio thing for a future childrens book. Basically a red squirrel is picked on a lot by grey squirrels, decides to become a bad guy since they wont include him in stuff, ends up proving that he's awesome in the process. lol I guess a bit like Megamind? Anyway, here he is scheming about how he will steal acorns from everyone else. I'm real pleased with this :3
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That's cool! I thought about doing one after I get my game done?...  

I heard something from someone once about squirrels (He was an old hippy) he said: How do you impress a 7 foot tall squirrel?

Climb a tree and act like a nut!  
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Wow you're doing a game? I'm sure that'll take a while, programming seems like a huge task to do by yourself!
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No it will be a board game like D&D. Games can be made by a company on line. I got the info somewhere in my folders if you want. They make playing and tarot cards. But they make complete game sets, just use your images. Its for friends and me ta mess with on G+ live now and then.