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RAGNARTALE is a story of drama, mystery and love triangle.

If you do not like love triangles please do not offend, criticize or bother. let the others enjoy the story.

In the end I decided to separate the chapters of Ragnartale with color covers!

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Hi AGuardianOfDreams! I see you like everywhere!~

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new watcher from youtube - Sans Comic TV
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Just came from Youtube ^_^ Sans Comic TV did a good job dubbing this snd I am REALLY intrigued to read on!
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May I do a dub for this?! :000
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Of course if :), do not forget to pass me the fandub if you do it and give me credits.
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Hmm this is different for a Undertale art comic quite unique looking it feels very old timey for me with how it I'm curious now to see what this story will be like in this comic looks rather pleasant & peaceful nice work NaomyMikolMaria on the art /) :)
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> w < I hope you like my art <3
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Well I am fond of the cover art so far I'll see what the other pages & chapters be like first with the art of the comic but I kinda do like it a little bit at the moment ^-^ Heart
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I hope you like the story : 3
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Hi NaomyMikolMaria, Could We dub Your RAGNARTALE Comic ? Please We will credit your work in description.
Example of our dubs - Sans Comic TV Channel on Youtube :…
Thank you so much
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of course! I would be very happy if they do fandub, there is also an official soundtrack and you want to ask the composer.

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Is it bad that because of the way Chara and Asreil are looking at each other it makes me want to ship them?
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The doors do not necessarily have to do with what happens in history, it's just a casual scene
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 Sorry I do not speak English XD 
Keep reading and you'll know>: 3

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