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Stars in the Night Sky

Words on this painting's creation can be found on my blog post below. (Thank you for reading, I love people following along on my work through my blog posts)

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NightBlossom----Sans's avatar
beautiful i have created a night sky myself but not as beutiful as this
Kiandria's avatar
I absolutely love how the "unfinished" feel to it almost makes it seem dream-like. It's so delightfully easy to get swept away in how stunning this is.  Clap 
SkyBreeze26's avatar
I love the overall style of the piece the somewhat fuzzy brushstrokes at the base compliment the brilliance of night sky giving the viewer the sense of wonder that those sitting around the campfire must have felt.
Sokomin's avatar
read your blog posts! love how you did all this zoomed out>< did you use some kind of brush texture for the stars because it looks amazing
candyapplecarnage's avatar
I just adore this, it's really beautiful. Makes me crave to be there!
Kayanya's avatar
I wish I could see the stars this clearly. I miss those nights, long gone. Thanks for sharing this beauty.
NaomiVanDoren's avatar
I know! And totally understand. Painting is my way of escaping to those places again. I'm glad you enjoyed it :heart:
Kayanya's avatar
I tried to take pictures of the stars last night nevertheless ... this is all I could manage with all the light pollution: starfishskiesphotography.wordp…
Cassiopeia should be surrounded by tons of stars as it is "on" the Milky Way, but I could only see a few of the brightest stars.
RayanAhmed's avatar
Very beautiful scene. The shimmering stars look perfect.
NaomiVanDoren's avatar
Thank you! And they are kind of what inspired the scene, me wanting to paint a sky of stars. :)
Nora-Ella's avatar
I love the atmosphere!
Nora-Ella's avatar
You're welcome!
Helamat's avatar
mruki's avatar
beautiful! the night sky is just stunning!!!
barbarapavlic's avatar
Quite amazing! The flame that goes in the air reminds of the formation of stars :) It's like their stories will be written in the stars :)
NaomiVanDoren's avatar
The stars and a fire forming the stars was my basic idea, the rest was just extra. Something I'd like to explore again in various settings perhaps. Love your thoughts on their stories actually forming the stars! Thanks for the comment! :)
idrey's avatar
wooooooooooooooooooooooow !!!!!!!!!!
AppliedPhilosopher's avatar
This is GORGEOUS.  :heart:
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