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The Lord of Gifts

“Men he found the easiest to sway of all the people of the Earth; but long he sought to persuade the Elves to his service, for he knew that the Firstborn had the greater power; and he went far and wide among them and his hue was still that of one both fair and wise. Only to Lindon did he not come, for Gil-Galad and Elrond both doubted him and his fair-seeming, and though they knew not in truth who he was they would not admit him to that land.” 

Had this overwhelming urge to draw Sauron in some form, and since I’ve never drawn him as Annatar, I thought I’d give it a try! 
I'm so sorry to all of my Tolkien fans who haven't had any new fanart from me in almost an entire year! I hope I can draw some more Tolkien fanart in the future, hope this makes up for my dry-spell in the meantime! 

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Sauron at his most diabolical. Great! :)

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Thank you! ☺️
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 Superb Work - this most definitely looks like The Lord of the Rings at his most dangerously plausible.

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 Thank You for doing the character such credit and for sharing your excellent take on him (... does Sauron count as a "him" being a shapeshifter?).
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I can send over a few of my Tolkien fanfics on AO3 if you want inspiration
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He looks great! Awesome job as always.
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Thank you! ❤️
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I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a big Lord of the Rings fan.
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Thank you!!! I love LotR too, it’s my one true love! 💕
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