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Bittersteel, Shiera Seastar and Bloodraven

“Bittersteel and Bloodraven both loved Shiera Seastar, and the Seven Kingdoms bled.” 

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Pretty sure that Shiera knew she would be unleashing chaos when she chose Brynden and completely rejected Aegor, considering they already hated 😤 each other's guts. When the raven and the dragon-horse hacked themselves to pieces on the Redgrass Field over her, the Seastar must have been feeling the most wanted lady on the world... aaand she was also probably rolling on the floor laughing at those two little jealous children 🤣!! What a mean girl she was 😉!

PS: naomimakesart, comment on my part if you don't mind: Until now, I've mentioned more than once that the Starks were my favourite house even though yours were the last of Old Valyria. Now, having watched the piece of crap that was Season 8 of GOT, I'm proud to say: SCREW THE STARKS, SCREW THOSE UNGRATEFUL BACKSTABBING HYPOCRITES (Jon's a Targ, so that excludes him)!! Daenerys had flaws, sure, but she deserved to rule and she definitely didn't deserve to be transformed into a mindless mass-murderer! 
I hope that in the books the Targaryens and their animal Spitfires🐉 get the victory that they so much deserve (although a stop to incest needs to happen, we don't need anymore of them getting the "coin flip treatment"). Anyway, please carry on my favourite DeviantArt artist 👍. Fire and Blood!
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Bloodraven's slightly aquiline nose...😍😍😍