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The main NPC Squad that are time sweepers. I've uploaded solos of all of them but just in case, from left to right: Blinx, Pelon, Picaro, Necoji, and Chron. All from Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space. Blinx in this game is an NPC protagonist character. Not sure how I feel about that now knowing that you played as him in the first game, but you cant have it all I guess. I'd take multiplayer over ridiculously hard bosses any day. 

These guys supposedly represent different time controls, corresponding to their colors. 
Blinx: Pause (blue)
Pelon: Slow (yellow)
Picaro: Rewind (purple)
Necoji: Record (green)
Chron: Fast Forward (orange)

The community pretty much accepts this, except I have logical griefs concerning the assigning of Pelon and Chron. Pelon is a high energy character, but has the Slow function while Chron, a hopelessly tired/lazy character has Fast Forward as a function. Idk if its supposed to be ironic, or if there is an explanation for it, but if there is I need to know. Maybe Pelon is like Hemmy from Over The Hedge and Slow is like freezing time, while Chron just might be slow as shit and needs the FF to actually do anything. Who knows. 

Not to put a shadow over the game, I still love these guys. The cutscenes were always fun and Picaro's snark was amusing. 
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