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Skate park

By Naolito
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I hope you like it! :)

T-shirt available at my shop ($15 + shipping): [link]

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one small step for for man, one giant lea-
dude! look how much air I caught. or, void I guess
... Huston, we have a problem.
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Now if the moon was that small, than sorta possible.
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Because...physics! :dummy:
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Wow. Good idea! ^u^
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Ummm. I never understood this misconception of the moon. Am I the only one to whom the dark side of the moon is visible and obvious when it's a crescent? It's dark blue against the black of space, but it's not THAT dark a blue, I don't see how you ordinary mortals can't see that much; it never looks like anything but a complete sphere to me. Possibly I'm just a monster and I can see things you can't, but even then, when do you ever see stars INSIDE the circle in the unlit portion?

Also people, people, that's not Neil. That's so obviously Buzz. Neil could never have done that.
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" ordinary mortals..."
Because you're totally a god or something that uses the internet :P lol

Seriously though, it's meant as a joke ;3
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.....Its just a shirt.
Obviously he wouldn't even be able to skate on the crescent cause its not there, its a full moon all the time, so there wouldn't be any "empty" space to stand on. Its just an idea for the shirt, meant as a joke :P  :D
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Neil Armstrong: That's one small half-pipe for a man, one giant skate park for mankind.
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you took my material after I posted it. for shame.
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The comments are listed from newest to oldest, with this one being made two years ago.
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I know, but I made a comment before seeing yours. so... sorry! my bad! Liquisoft 
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I would like that comment if I could :D
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I enjoy this Verry Much! I would love this as a t shirt!
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Man, that Neil Armstrong can shred it.
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How do you know he is not Buzz Aldrin?
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Because I figured Buzz Aldrin was more of a snowboarding guy.
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KindCritic ...How do you know that Buzz Aldrin doesn't prefer surfing? Maybe Mike Collins is the snowboarder. 
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