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Welcome to the family!

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Cartridge of Time by NaolitoMinion Throne by NaolitoSuper Starry Night by NaolitoLife Found by Naolito
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Shouldn't he be the one to ask her "Mum?"

IMABEAR1983's avatar

"Do I look like..."

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My brain was like "WUTZ FOR BREKFAST DAD??" from pink guy
Wolflove1o1's avatar
It might be true...
ChappieFeathers's avatar
Lmao he is so confused
Hirpina81's avatar
I took the tiny 'bot for Futurama's Robo-1-X
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mdizzle999872's avatar
I actually like to think it is the other way around. He is the technological love child of WALL-E and  EVE
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hhh, dud keep making awesome work that you can be proud of , if you secret brushes or have tested new once pls sheare that with community too , i use Photoshop for raster images and it's every time a new result just by changing the brush , sounds simple but try it of your self : -p
I NEVER would have realized how much they look alike, cool!
oh the scanners!
maybe they are related
(design spec wise and all)
oenatranf's avatar
more like grate great great great great grandpa
more greats less grates...
bloodydiva28's avatar
aww this is so cute! *-*
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Dawww :love: Great crossover!
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Technically since EVE is a few years older, shouldn't she call him son?
DrawWithNessie's avatar
EVE is from a post-apocalytic world in the far future and Baymax is from around now (or whenever Big Hero 6's timeline is) so technically, Baymax is older.
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Ah. That's more logical then. Never mind.Sweating a little... 
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