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Practical Joke

I hope you like it! :)

You can help me by voting 5$ to this at It takes very short time but it's a big help for me :D

You can vote here: [link]
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i hate when kids do that XD
GsnArt's avatar
Hahahahaha Buenisimoooo :D
peacelovehalstewart's avatar
Soon the lil thing is going be knock over
That what some people call the domino effect
craffertyful's avatar
it took me a sec to get this, but when i did i felt so stupid. and happy inside. :aww:
thankyou for this, watched<3
Lrawr7's avatar
so. adorable.
Ohood-M's avatar
TheObserver77's avatar
Actually, if you look, the last domino is not facing the first; it will fall flat on its face, just as the others will.

I believe the moral of this image is that to impact one is to impact many others through indirect contact.

Regardless, a funny and adorable image that deserves the praises it receives. Well done!
fairhaired-cutey's avatar
Sylvaur's avatar
Thank you. For proving that I'm a Slowpoke once more...
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
I don't get it... ">___>
m-o-th's avatar
the 1st and the 3rd dominoes are the ones making the practical joke. look again :D
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
So it's toppling?
m-o-th's avatar
yes, and in so doing the rest of the dominoes will all fall X3
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
oh, I get it now! :D
Nesu's avatar
Haha !! love this !
cellolott's avatar
LeeNTien's avatar
And absolutelly nothing can go wrong! XD
Parastos's avatar
I loled at this one :)
ICantGiveCredit's avatar
OH YA? What if he's actually trying to HELP him get balanced and that he fell by himself? See, there's two sides of it :D
DemonDog101's avatar
That is just so mean! HA! I love this ;)
yuffieHeart's avatar
hahaha karma. What goes around, comes around.
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