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I Hate you too!

Monday has feelings too! I hope you like it! :D

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Guess we both hate eachother Mondays
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1. school 
2. work
3. I JUST WANT TO STAY IN BED  AND THEY ARE MAKING ME GO TO SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!! Pop Team Epic Pipimi Sour Face Icon f2u ouch i got a bendy boo Pop Team Epic Popuko Sour Face Icon f2u screaming alice angel when she get stabbed (f2u) Burning nazi Flag BeastBoy -Love Alphys rambleing her thoughts Bubbles the Mr Mime Emote Hai! Neko Emoji-40 (Ok Okey) [V2] [Table Smacks x11] When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) Twinklewhisker icon UNDERTALE: Sans nah ah icon/emoticon Shaggy ralsei derp

what would your opinion on that be?

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haha so cute and funny
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I know monday I know
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I used to like mondays-well nights, my fav show was more of that. So that is how I feel now too!
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Funny illustration.
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Awww it's okay Monday! I appreciate you starting my week!!
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That is brilliant! Love it!
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Haha that made my day :)
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Yeah - I think I love this.
So cute! I love :)
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XD  I absolutely love it!
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Man, Garfield's got nothing on this guy.
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Monday means The walking Dead. I like monday. :D
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