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Before And After First Love

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Yet another advertisement for the MGTOW movement! 
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What kinda drugs you on? This picture has nothing to do with whatever hate you're trying to spew.
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What hate? I haven't even said anything pertaining to women. 

What is so wrong about men looking out for their own best interests, and male sovereignty? The low birth rate and marriage rates in America reflect a step away from relationships. That, and TINDER. 
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That just sounds like people trying to find an excuse for sexism. A low birth is maybe due to people practicing safe sex, not wanting to be chained by society with a kid they don't want, and a rise in same gendered relationship. Marriage rates is probably due to less people jumping to marriage. You can have a long term relationship without marriage being a thing (kinda have to if you're not in a straight relationship.
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Of all the people to attempt to shame: pedophiles, fat people, anti-vaxxers, communists, drug dealers, pan-sexuals who cheat on their spouses, MGTOW is the most deserving? 
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i never said they are the most deserving of criticism, but they are 100% deserving of criticism.

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I need this on a shirt!

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