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Hello everyone!!!!

It's been really a long time!!!! it's been like 2 years + since I became very inactive In cosplay and social media!

The only place I'm very active is at Instagram! haha You can follow me at @ Naoyakunn

The reason why I was so busy and so inactive because I started working out and always gym after my work and I'm still playing FFXIV!  Been working out for 2 year plus, no regrets!

After bulking up I have a few characters which I have more confidence to cosplay! whenever I see my past self, I'm glad that I started working out and manage to maintain. It's really not easy but mind over body! 

I have also been trying to settle down with my Job, because we only live once and I didn't want to work for people who doesn't appreciate you and the work you have put in. the longer you work for such people you are just wasting your youth. everything is good right now, just changed to a different make up brand, I am so glad that I have decided to move on and to improve myself!! It's alright for me if they think negatively of me, It's their choice and i can make my own choice too! ;) so far everything has been well, once everything is more stable I'll try to be more active a little more XD 

Everyday routine : Work.Eat.Lift.Games.Sleep.Repeat!

Now I can't live without exercising and it's actually pretty simple wither you do it or you don't if you decide to start working out and do take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live!!

Here's some of my Progression photos! you can see more at my Instagram!

Comparing the photos!
 photo IMG_20181128_2_zpsl4j0jc2s.jpg

2 years ago and now I wanted to compare to see how much I grew from side view. I really look sick last time I'm so happy that I never stop to matter what other say to me, I know my limits and how it helped me in life. 
 photo PhotoGrid_1538757111596_zps96wylygt.jpg

 photo 47679729_10155737847422019_1027928365631275008_n_zpslkfxmah0.jpg

 photo 48423459_10155763587967019_3201259217012916224_n_zpsdx6mm3ob.jpg

 photo 48404455_10155768376892019_1303397260075204608_n_zpssxdp4waz.jpg

I hope you guys are doing well!

Thank you for viewing!

Thailand Trip 2015 (29.April- 18.May)

Mon May 25, 2015, 11:48 AM

Finally I am here to update, I was super tired when I reached back Singapore, slept alot ;3 and now I am back to work too.

I had so much fun in Thailand, kept eating and eating, everyday without fail, we will visit 7-11 too haha! and I have gain weight :( 

So my trip was basically, Food, AFAXBCC and Prop making!

BCC was fun! but can't speak much ;A; because I don't know Thai language, so I'm only talking to my friends ;3 
Saturday We were doing FF TYPE-0 my friend was a Judge, so I was walking around BCC and see what I can help with and after the competition, I was invited to be a Judge for next day group competition, man, my mind just went blank when they asked me ;3

you can check out EnforcerChannel ! The video they took at AFAXBCC ! our FF TYPE-0 group is inside too ;3

Man, I just went omg after watching the group competition, everyone was good, there's room for improvement and they are all freaking awesome like really!! (saying that, I am also reminding myself to do that), Everyone can be better in anything as long there is a will!

I am really glad for the chance and to see awesome Armors / Cosplayers at BCC! I wish I can have the chance to talk more ;A;

After the event, we went out to have fun for 1-2 days before we shop for materials ;3

We spend 9-10 days working on FFXIV ARR Dragoon armor, It wasn't easy, we fought, we slept lesser just to complete the armor. We also went out to play but not much due to time restriction and my friend has teach me a lot about armor making! now It's time for me to do more armor character! first I need to redo my Rasler, I really love him but I didn't do well when I cos him, that was almost the time I cosplaying, everything was seriously bad, from wig to shoes. 

Also I'm having so much feels for FFIV ;A; finally I can do something on my own, I'm sure I still need lot's of practice but I will take my time and make it as perfect as possible. Kain, Cecil <3 <3 

My current plan is to finish up Gae Bolg then will start on Rasler, Kain, Cecil and Angemon, whichever I feel like doing it I will start on it, now I also need to invest on a air brush, It's really awesomeeeee <3

When we started this project, It's kinda impossible due to full details armor (that's what my friend said and I know it too ;A;) but still we went and work on dragoon armor, It wasn't easy, we were following the details, figuring out many things in just a short time, everyday working until morning! and during my work on the armor, I didn't take any strong pain killers (to make me sleepy) so that i could work more! but it's really tiring my back kinda gave me lot's of problem! 

as time is rushing, we were all stressing, and some miscommunication happened and we fought for awhile. but we made things clear to each other already so there isn't any problem anymore. and we only manage to finish the armor in the morning before I fly back to Singapore in the afternoon, man. we were all very tired after that, I really enjoyed my time making props together, though I know we should go out and have fun more! I promise we will do that the next time I visit Thailand again!

Would also like to thanks Dew and Amara for helping! Dew armor making is awesome too ! really nice to meet you !!!!
Dew WorldCosplay :

And we are saying that we are crazy hahah, rushing out the costume just in 9-10 days!

Will be uploading photos ;3

Photos of some food! 
 photo IMG_20150510_164318 - Copy_zpsics0nrri.jpg

 photo IMG_20150510_190506 - Copy_zps8vjrvkx8.jpg

Ohh I love Thailand banana! <3
 photo IMG_20150509_214627 - Copy_zpsruav2xuv.jpg

 photo IMG_20150508_204735 - Copy_zps1c2rsfcz.jpg

I don't eat tom yum or green curry in Singapore, but I have to say, they Taste good in Thailand!! 
 photo IMG_20150508_140156 - Copy_zpstki1gydc.jpg

Selfie Pictures during BCC!
 photo IMG_20150503_173402_zps9o2rgfzx.jpg

 photo IMG_20150503_152428_zpsargb968x.jpg

 photo IMG_20150503_153844_zpsgevst8zl.jpg

 photo IMG_20150502_155646_zpssjdacbl1.jpg

 photo IMG_20150502_144320_zpssogj7p4o.jpg

 photo IMG_20150503_185828_zpseciqtagk.jpg

And Armor progress!
 photo IMG_20150507_010605 - Copy_zpspj8anufm.jpg

 photo IMG_20150507_010619 - Copy_zpsidmjoosr.jpg

 photo IMG_20150508_060601 - Copy_zpsnimkatrx.jpg

 photo IMG_20150508_060546 - Copy_zpsqi1lrsrg.jpg

 photo IMG_20150508_060507 - Copy_zpspw8ayvrh.jpg

 photo IMG_20150508_032806 - Copy_zpsvyo2zuzd.jpg

 photo IMG_20150509_150250 - Copy_zpsm24ri1qu.jpg

 photo IMG_20150509_150238 - Copy_zpsrjzytebr.jpg

 photo IMG_20150509_150218 - Copy_zpssyfmmviz.jpg

 photo IMG_20150510_001759 - Copy_zpsd4mkb7jp.jpg

 photo IMG_20150510_001830 - Copy_zpsnnz1e9ng.jpg

 photo IMG_20150510_001801 - Copy_zpsx5xw5bko.jpg

 photo IMG_20150510_031137 - Copy_zps2xksvodz.jpg

 photo IMG_20150511_044954 - Copy_zpsmvuqvz86.jpg

 photo IMG_20150511_211652 - Copy_zpsse7t9te0.jpg

 photo IMG_20150512_071606_zps9giabush.jpg

 photo IMG_20150512_072623_zpsxzq4rf0m.jpg

 photo IMG_20150512_072651_zpszujxsdp5.jpg

 photo IMG_20150512_072607_zpsnb30jmgr.jpg

 photo IMG_20150512_072800_zpsna0wo8ac.jpg

 photo IMG_20150512_072744_zpszmiiu85v.jpg

 photo IMG_20150512_072828_zpsgi5njrsn.jpg

and 1000 scales ;3
 photo IMG_20150512_203713_zpsleupvqv9.jpg
 photo IMG_20150513_160434_zpspgiebghd.jpg
 photo IMG_20150513_183649_zpsjxrhnp53.jpg photo IMG_20150513_184300_zps7eyqv3a4.jpg

back to armor,
 photo IMG_20150513_211511_zpso7zcowu4.jpg

working while in armor ;3
 photo IMG_20150513_215121_zpsvhki5afp.jpg

 photo IMG_20150514_053900_zpsnhsvptrp.jpg

 photo IMG_20150514_054255_zpsaocilafb.jpg

 photo IMG_20150514_054242_zpsf7s1joaw.jpg

 photo IMG_20150514_054129_zpslgsdibbp.jpg

 photo IMG_20150515_052522_zpsvcceiilh.jpg

 photo IMG_20150515_052559_zpschjd6tmj.jpg

 photo IMG_20150515_052540_zpspksmvrno.jpg

 photo IMG_20150515_063906_zpsfl0pywul.jpg

sanding, coating, spray and other parts of the armor,
 photo IMG_20150515_160633_zps4bkxgf1w.jpg

 photo IMG_20150516_004146_zpstvzrgamo.jpg

 photo IMG_20150516_004306_zpsmsiunfnk.jpg

 photo IMG_20150516_004321_zpsbxj8gbyd.jpg

 photo IMG_20150516_004314_zpsq7cgmjtv.jpg

 photo IMG_20150516_012055_zpsaciwt4oz.jpg

 photo IMG_20150516_203038_zpsuoqvjcxm.jpg

 photo IMG_20150516_194757_zpsqkbkyfv9.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_070216_zpsevscopdk.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_070229_zpsv18rphoz.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_155947_zpsnwuzfxmm.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_180916_zpscgvjmm9a.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_180931_zpsb36raij7.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_180923_zpsysvxn74r.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_194138_zpsxaqfbxbo.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_222549_zpsmqxz3bil.jpg

 photo IMG_20150518_001352_zpsmmq4oo7w.jpg

And wearing everything when it's done!!
 photo IMG_20150518_021457_zpsvc3rypqf.jpg

 photo IMG_20150518_021520_zpsd8jx07xv.jpg

 photo IMG_20150518_021538_zpswrap2zlk.jpg

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 
I will be joining competitions with dragoon armor!! and also will be cosplaying in game character look too! :3

and many thanks to send me to the airport!! <3 Miss ya guyss!!
 photo IMG_20150518_131614_zpsyqqvfmqm.jpg

and when the first thing I did when I reach home, display the armor ;3
 photo IMG_20150518_201250_zpszhzp7oki.jpg
 photo IMG_20150518_201106_zpsfsi6d5ty.jpg

After editing the sides,
 photo IMG_20150522_114815_zpsz03nyeor.jpg

 photo IMG_20150522_114748_zpsx9uclbho.jpg

 photo IMG_20150522_114830_zpsagm4bf7e.jpg

:heart: :heart: I'll be needing some tools first so that I could work on Gae Bolg soon!!! 

also do check out my friend Props making, They are props maker and I have seen how they work !!! (Y) they are awesome!!

Drachen Cosplay Team FB Page :…

or you can PM them personally on FB,

:iconarzeroth: :Arzeroth ,

Arz, made Gaius Van Baelsar before too, so niceee ;33
<da:thumb id="479877297"/>

also I had a photoshoot with :iconvaxzone: on the 24 May (Sunday), I'm so excited to see the photos ;3
 photo IMG_20150524_201420_zpsncydolpl.jpg

Will update again! and now back to working life and making more armor/props!


Thanks for reading and have a good day!!



Fushigi Yuugi shoot on 03/01/2015

Sun Jan 4, 2015, 5:19 PM

Good Morning!!!

Still rolling around~ 

haha still feeling so happy! finally cosplay Fushigi Yuugi The Mysterious Play ! First shoot in 2015!!

Miaka Yūki @ :iconblooddrencher:

Tamahome (Kishuku Sou)@ :iconnaokunn:

Photog@ :iconvaxzone:

Also it's been a while since I work with Vax!! (Y) looking forward to work with you more in the furture!!! now I'm planning for some cosplay first :3, since last 2 years I can't plan much due to back surgerys ;A;

I am really glad that everything went well!!! also this is my 2nd time which I make costume from the scratch, the first one was YuYu Hakusho Kurama, that was simple so yeah XD haha. I took 1 week plus to finish this costume and I had fun making the costumes. and also I was stressing during the shoot. because after all it's my first time making such costume was kinda worried haha

 photo 1509142_813286095380318_2258602767262201406_n_zps6caa6b79.jpg
finished progress of costume :3, more photos on my Instagram, XD or my FB page ~ :3

and some Camwhore and Polaroid photos!!
 photo 10897015_914605851913556_560334180487097256_n_zps80f69f19.jpg

 photo 10424233_10152523778687019_3354510745858575684_n_zpsbe8690f1.jpg

 photo 10403124_813936865315241_8697479393046409783_n_zpsd27737b6.jpg

 photo 1623659_814160718626189_4576267939141152238_n_zps09559781.jpg

I can't wait for Byakko!!! <3 also I will be cosing more FY characters~~~ <3 <3 so much love for FY <3

I will update here again once the photo is up!, I'm really excited !!! ;3

going back to roll around and start sewing other stuffs soon! ;3

Have a Good Day!

Devious Journal Entry

Tue Dec 16, 2014, 5:54 PM

I'm sorry! wasn't really active here for a while! have been resting up and playing FFXIV !! 

does anyone play FFXIV? I'm in Tonberry server!

also i'm sorry for all the late reply on the faves and watch!, There's too much to thanks you guys and i don't think i will have enough time to clear all, ;A; and also if i post too much, DA will think it's a spam and i will get block for awhile before i can start posting again.

I will try to thanks everyone for the watch and i'm sorry if i couldn't thanks everyone for the :+fave:, I would like to Thanks you guys here and I hope you will like my future works!!

will be adding more photos soon!! :3 

have a great day~~

5th Year Cosplaying!

Thu May 22, 2014, 7:12 AM

Hello guys! 

Sorry for not being active this few months, Quite busy with work! working temporarily for a few months, I might need to go for another back surgery this year, it all depends on the screw on my back ;A; next week will be going back to review my CT scan with my doctor.

 photo Untitled-3_zps0563da6d.jpg

Its my 5th year of cosplaying!! time flies man! really fast!

(will be doing this every year~ it's like my Cosplay birthday haha)

Thank you everyone for the support you all have given me, yes I remember people~ XD
haha I also hope to improve more on my make up and cosplay!
currently I have been playing around with different style again! :3
Need to Practice more!! :3

Currently I am doing a give away! 
Giving away 2 costume

1) Kuroko no Basuke, Seirin basketball jersey Size L (Kuroko no11)

2) Final Fantasy XIII Snow Costume only!! 
(basically costume + costume accessories. Without wig, necklace, gloves and shoes (have thrown the shoes away) 

To join, view here~ I have upload it to my Facebook page!

Link :…

~!Do not comment here, the give away is at my Facebook page!~

~Let's Enjoy Cosplaying together!!~

Will be doing more give away on my Facebook Page! Follow on my page to get updates~!

Hello!! I have been resting up for this few days so I didn't update much here ;A; 

 photo 1460966_619355594773370_2120721234_n_zps1522ab78.jpg

I'm selling my cosplay prints to help out Victims of Typhoon Yolanda!!
If you are staying in the Philippine, Sese will be helping me out with the donations and sending out the prints in the PH, as I will be sending the prints to her!

You can find her at 

I will be also selling my prints on EOY 13 (event in SIngapore)
 photo 1460990_664402720260697_1577279264_n_zps3a8d5c39.jpg

Many thanks to my friend for helping me too and also do check out their awesome work if you are going! and do support us by buying from us!! 

I also do ship to overseas, but buyers have to cover the cost of shipping over (box and shipping) and if paying by paypal, there will be a paypal surcharge, still it might be expensive , also you can mail me the money instead and once I receive it I will sent out (will update the buyer), I'll hope you'll give us your support too!!

More details you can read on my post on my FB page :…

Many many thanks to friends who are giving me their support on this project and helping me out!!
I wish everyone will be safe and take good care!!

here are some of the photos on AFA13, Photos are quite Low Res (save from fb)
Day 1 Skip Beat : Cain Heel Siblings 

Kyoko Mogami (Setsuka Heel) @ :iconblooddrencher:

Ren Tsuruga (Cain Heel)@ :iconnaokunn:

 photo 1456105_10201645854141738_134697419_n_zps48be51dc.jpg
Photo by William Tjhin

 photo 1390676_10201627507123074_157727460_n_zps06518c48.jpg
Photo by William Tjhin

 photo 1463594_752644111417942_31030311_n_zpse61c378a.jpg
Photo by :iconfarizasuka:

 photo 1459119_752439271438426_896929810_n_zpsaeab856a.jpg
Photo by :iconfarizasuka:

 photo 1458561_10152703562706029_2106580379_n_zps6f3dcfc6.jpg
Photo by :iconshiroang:

Day 2 Jean Kirstein
*I'll do my best to improve him on my shoot!*

 photo 1476277_612015325524028_559030474_n_zpse5c5617a.jpg
Photo by :icon8bit-wonderland:

 photo 1456020_10152721738816029_958564553_n_zpsae499dad.jpg
Photo by :iconshiroang:

 photo 616489_10152721738796029_1708758067_o_zpsc45cbeed.jpg
Photo by :iconshiroang:

 photo 1453233_613678635341066_878665008_n_zpse457d862.jpg
Rikachu's dad as dotpixis So awesome and cool!!, many thanks to Angela Fliptable for the photo <3

And also my upcoming Crossplay at EOY
 photo 540340_10151765969472019_770048626_n_zps5afc9ece.jpg

 photo 960244_623813360994260_1611653439_n_zpsb96f440f.jpg

I have also recorded the make up video I was testing out her make up, sorry for the unglamness haha but also excited to cosplay her!!, I might change alittle on the make up style since this is my 2nd time trying to do girl make up ;A;
Recorded video :…

Thank you very much for reading!! 

short update!

Fri Nov 15, 2013, 12:43 PM

Hello guys, 

how have you all been?!!! It feels like It's been awhile since I have updated anything. XD

This few days I am just being lazy re-watching Nurarihyon ! my love for the series, hoping to do Rikuo soon again and hopefully I can improve on his make up more, I just find myself always changing the character make up when I'm re-cosing them again ;A;

and for my next plan of cosplay, I still have to complete my skirt, neck tie + make my costume smaller !! It's my 2nd crossplay character!! I'm so excited to cosplay her and I also feel stress, It been awhile since I have tried on Girl make up!

oh If you follow my Facebook, you should know who I am crossing! It's from AKB0048 ;3

hehe I guess i shall go to bed soon, tomorrow have to wake up early!  

I will update again real soon, with recent events and photos!! 

good night ~~~

Update @ 11 Aug 2013

Sat Aug 10, 2013, 3:49 PM

Good morning Everyone!!!

After a few month of resting after my Surgery, Will be going for a photoshoot later!! 

I miss photo shooting so much!!!

Hahah and also re-watching Seikai-ichi Hatsukoi, because I can't sleep ;A; haha and it's already early in the morning!

The feel to cosplay Seikai-Ichi Hatsukoi is back!!!, I guess I will be getting Yukina Kou stuffs next, only when i have some extra money!! have to try to save up now, too broke ><!

haha Will probably update later~ Going to shower and do my make up soon~

Have a Nice Day everyone!!!

It's been awhile!!

Fri Jul 19, 2013, 6:25 AM

It been awhile since i have update! 

Still resting up, pain is still on and off for now trying to get enough rest and hope it get much better~

will be editing some photos to upload too!

and I will be attending Fantasy Quest 3!! 

But still not sure what to cosplay yet~ 

need to start making props and go out to hunt items for cosplay!!!!

okay i will be going to rest early today, kinda tired ;A;

Good night and take care ya~!

Cosplay Photo for SALE!

Fri Jun 21, 2013, 2:59 PM

Cosplay photo for sale!!!!

 photo PHOTOSTOSELL_zps54923f4c.jpg

Will be selling more in the future!! Do support by buying!! 
for every purchase, i will be giving some others photo which i won't be selling
the photo size will be 4R or 6R [It will be random :)]

The image isn't clear so i have upload it to MediaFire Link :…

For A4, A3, A2 Size, you can order from me first if you wish to, but it's not on photopaper, Will get back on this, because still need to find shop and would want to see their quality~. 

To order, Drop me a PM on which Photo, Size and Glossy or Lustre.

For Local buyers, prefer to meet up or by mail also ok!

Overseas payment via PayPal!

Thank you very much!!


Wed Jun 19, 2013, 10:33 AM

Hey everyone!!! how is everyone doing?

I'm doing better now and able to go for physio next week!! still doctor asked me to rest for 3 months. so will be resting and probably when i feel more better, will start going swimming !

And also recently started joking that I went for beauty surgery on my back, now my back is straight because of the implants and in 23 years in my life this feeling was weird at first, then slowly got use to it, not really sure how to explain the feeling but it's different from normal, every thing i do, my back is always straight and there the shape on my back too, more obvious after the surgery i guess~ :X. But i'm also glad that it's not as painful and it's better now, cut down a lot on pain killers, now only take in the morning and night, slowly cut down to one then stop. 

Sometime I still find it difficult to walk normal at times, as in not use to it..

Camwhore with Costume, tried it on and took a side photo so that can see the shape of my back now haha. Also kinda slouching this few days, will try to remember to keep a good posture!

 photo 1011690_551481878227409_1851564875_n_zps1f54ecfa.jpg

And I need to start controlling my diet! because I gain weight haha!! can't wait to start exercising 

ALSO If you are coming down to Cosfest XII on the 6 July and 7 July 2013 (Singapore), Do visit Toki Doki Cafe!!!! I will be there on both days with other Maids and Butler!! Hope to see you there~~

Toki Doki Cafe Page Event :…

And Toki Doki Cafe Page :…

Pre-Ordering tickets now!! can pre-order tickets from me! if Interested do PM me! There will be a lucky draw also!!

Thank you so much!

Will be going back to rest now!! everyone do take care and have a good night / good day!! :heart:

Planning to sell my Photos!!

Thu Jun 13, 2013, 7:26 AM

Planning to sell my Cosplay photos!

But still planning, checking / planning with photographers and deciding which photo to sell!

Need time but roughly will be selling,
- Calender 12MTH for 2014 (S8R)
-6R Glossy,
6R Lustre,
8R Glossy,
8R Lustre,
S8R Glossy,
S8R Lustre.
- Photo book, 10,20 Page, your choice of photo ( Choose from the photo that I'm selling)

It will be printed on PhotoPaper, but there will be a choice on printing on paper.

Will also print out Calender and Photobook and take photo after that, But will only print when I confirm the photos to sell!

For A3 size and above, I have to check from shop and quality first.

Most probably by this or next month will confirm everything!!

Would you like to buy?

Btw my camwhore from yesterday after playing with make up! and and :heart: Alpaca!!!

Trying for 1 character but it didn't turn out well, so was playing with other wigs!


Hehe, so I have been feeling better but it's just around 2 weeks after my surgery, my wound is closing nicely now my wound is dry, the nurse told me when I went to change the dressing just now and next week is my appointment with doctor, can't wait to take off the dressing x.x < had to put for 1 month plus.

Played with make up the day before yesterday too!, after I shave and shape my eyebrow!!

was really bored at home, bedridden for 1 months plus, and I have gain weight also :( trying to lose weight and controlling what i'm eating now.
so was just randomly playing with make up,


Also yesterday is the first time I went out taking public transport, well in mind I was really thinking, even no matter how a person looks when young, doesn't means that there is no problem.. well everyone think that young people are always fit so don't need to let us sit. only when you have crutches on then they will think that you really not well. I'm trying not to bring it out as it's really inconvenient, well if me usually I don't bother sitting in public transport, unless I really need to or there is space.

So when I took transport yesterday, there was no space and there was quite a lot of people, so automatic I just stand and I hate it when the train keeps jerking or from slow speed to fast then slow again, whether it's a little or not, I feel so uncomfortable, had to hold on to something and stand really straight.

so was really happy that i finally cut my hair, even when i'm trying to keep my hair longer i was glad that my hair is short now haha really feel so much comfortable with short hair!!

This was before and after I shave and shape my eyebrow haha, looks really unglam hahah, kept for 1 month plus, since my surgery in 8 may and finally my eyebrow are out haha, been years I never see my normal eyebrow. Usually will just shave and keep it thin! this time round I will try not to shave or shape it to thin, I should really use the wax for eyebrow haha!, bought it but seldom use haha.

before and after hair cut heheh!!

Then in the evening my friend, Wei liang came over to my house area and pass me gift from Taiwan!! I was so happy!!! It's Alpaca toy!!!! hurhurhur!! <3 alpaca!

Now i'm going back to play with make up again!! ahah, If you follow me on my Facebook Page, you can see my photo updates on my profile! (uploaded to Instagram)

Ciaos Ciaos~

Costume for sale!!

Wed Jun 5, 2013, 5:10 PM

Selling of some of my costume which you can view at my Facebook Album :…

My Costume are mostly custom made
Under the album description, there is my size format.

Need to fund for new costumes !!! ;A;

All price is in SGD, Without shipping.
Shipping depends on which items and to which country, will check and get back to you.

Paypal accepted.

Sent me a message if you would like to inquire about it~

After 2nd surgery in May 13

Sat Jun 1, 2013, 7:03 AM

3rd day after my surgery on my back. the pain is getting better but still the pain is x.x had to sleep on my side if it's painful.

The worst is still after the first surgery on May. May was a really terrible month for me, suffered twice the pain on my back :( i really do not want to face it again, in reality i'm not a strong person but i will try to stay strong even it's hard. but it's really not a simple task, Doctor told me need months to recover, also not sure when will be starting on physio.

for now i really want my wound to heal up faster, Yesterday after i bath, my blood start to overflow from my dressing with blood i thought water went in and blood came out. lucky was going to polyclinic to change my dressing, it was really zzz dripping to my legs ><! the nurse told me it was my body fluid. so will be going back to change on monday, the have put medicine on my wound and the dressing now looks a little red,i hope it's fine.

after lying down for too long, i wanted to sit down for awhile on my bed, so here updating, after this will be back to bedridden.

Well walking improve and for my right leg i feel more strength now, but on and off i still feel abit on nerves pain, on nerves medication now too, i hope it works and i hope there won't be any side effects because of the screw touching my nerves before (don't know about this but i hope it's not because of this), as back is very sensitive so if anything touch the nerves i'm scared there will be side effects.

but the wound is still pain, touching the dressing also feel pain. but my back don't feel swollen, was really bad last 2 days.

Will get  a hold of myself! and because of the surgery (2nd time) i think a alot and felt really down.. because of the pain it was really bad. nothing can explain or describe it, unless you have face it yourself, so far done 3 surgery, the 2nd was the worst like really bad for 2-3 days. the pain just makes you go OUCHHH! really shout and scream and when people move me, the wound and bone areas was like super super pain, like there is someone who is using some metal things to hit on ur wound/ back. it's really terrible.

First one was bad too only until they took out the morphine. the feeling was like there is this sensation where you feel that there is someone drilling on your back and the screw feels heavy and feels like falling out too. ><~

3rd was painful also since doc replace the screw which is touching nerves then drill in a new one, after that have to face the pain all over again, from bone and wound, even my back feels sore / swollen. but i just try to endure endure endure, I told myself that even if i take now it wont be helping much and it only need time to feel a little better and better. I also wanted to go home the next day so i just push myself a little, to make the effort to go home, even if it's really hurting so much. i feel much better at home too.

Even now i am still kinda feeling down but will try not to think about it. if you have follow me on twitter or FB page you will see me post something about friends. but during that time i was really feeling down and i kinda mean it. haha but i'm not saying anyone well i don't have the right to say so. anyway who am i to them or they are to me?

To say the truth, some of my "friends" / people make fun or you know when you keep complaining then it become a normal things to other. and then talk behind my back or infront of me and can smirk too, Thank you very much, i hope karma get to your family. don't need to be you. i have seen many faces that's why i do talk about it sometime and feel it is a sensitive topic. this is partly why sometime i just want to be alone with such people around me i only feel more down.

Went to google some quotes,

This is what i should be doing,

Life isn't easy still everyone has their own problem, am really glad to meet people even those who walk walked out, stayed with me i have learn many things from you all and experience new things and make me as who i am now, I know i'm not perfect but who is? as long i feel that if i am being honest things will be more simpler, does not like to lie so at times i can be very direct.

This is my XR for the recent surgery :(

And implant to keep. only the green looking color was in my back for 3 weeks, the one was touching my nerves haha i like the color! ;X, the rest was with me since after the first operation in Sept 2007

Doctor even said that it will take months to recover, so i will take some time to recover and i mean fully recover but after my wound close, i will try to walk more and maybe will be starting on physio, when it's better will start going swimming and slowly back to gym, i really pray this time it will get better so i can move on.

Sorry for the late reply on dA and in FB, when i get better i will try to reply more,

Did 2 surgery on my back in May 13, First was on 8.May.13 and Second one was on 29.May.13

Journal Updates after my 2nd surgery on 8.May.13, Did talk about my bacd problem
Discharge from Hospital!!I'm back home!!! actually on Tuesday came back from hospital after staying there for 6 days (it's a living hell due to the heat)
Went for Back Spinal Surgery for the 2nd time, as some people ask or say : HUH?? what happen / this isn't the first one? haha I did rant about my back pain many time before before, but I will explain again.
It was in 2006 when I was enlisted to SAF, Singapore Army every Singaporean Males have to go through for 2 years. So after my studies, I early enlisted as I didn't want to waste my time doing nothing or wasting time (I'm not the kind who go out to play and party, but I like to hang with friends at lan shop playing games) most of the time I will just stay at home. i was lucky that it took around 6 months for everything before they confirm my unit and enlistment, I was PES A, went to Armor unit, I was MONO Intake (around 1 month earlier if I remember), people who fail or didn't take will be sent to MONO intake, to train up before the actual BMT (Basic Milita

Journal Updates for the 2nd surgery in 29.May.13
Surgery againAfter 2 week close to 3 weeks of my Major Surgery, Today went back for my doctor appointment,
as I did mention about the screw touching my nerve, I will be going for the surgery tomorrow to take out the screw which is touching my nerve. need to take out the metal and put in a new one, need to adjust means to drill again I guess haha. orzzz..
Really need time to get really better or back to normal life, now I'm just resting up at home and when it get better then will start going for physio, it will take time. means i will take longer time to start cosplaying again!!! :( will rest for 1-2 months then will slowly come back to cosplay!! but only if my walking is back to normal. Currently I can't walk properly.
first thing my doctor ask me, why are you walking like that, having some problem walking normally, as my back feels like going backwards still not comfortable bending forward too. I'm able to walk normal but really for a short while, like around a min, if not my hip/ waist will start

Thanks for reading and everyone do take care ok! :heart:

Surgery again

Tue May 28, 2013, 2:29 AM

After 2 week close to 3 weeks of my Major Surgery, Today went back for my doctor appointment,

as I did mention about the screw touching my nerve, I will be going for the surgery tomorrow to take out the screw which is touching my nerve. need to take out the metal and put in a new one, need to adjust means to drill again I guess haha. orzzz..

Really need time to get really better or back to normal life, now I'm just resting up at home and when it get better then will start going for physio, it will take time. means i will take longer time to start cosplaying again!!! :( will rest for 1-2 months then will slowly come back to cosplay!! but only if my walking is back to normal. Currently I can't walk properly.

first thing my doctor ask me, why are you walking like that, having some problem walking normally, as my back feels like going backwards still not comfortable bending forward too. I'm able to walk normal but really for a short while, like around a min, if not my hip/ waist will start to feel pain and not forgetting my nerve pain ><~

Just hope and pray that everything will goes will after tmr, and seriously hate to stay at hospital ;( want upgrade class also problematic. Hope the weather will be better (which is almost impossible,) due to the heat it cause me having headache for 2 days, when I had to stay 6 days in the hospital after my surgery.

oh well will be seeing the nurse again at the ward again, most probably they will ask me why am i back LOL!

and really will take time, Months to recover ;A;  In September will be going back to gym, but going swimming and slowly start working out in gym, also not going to physio until my back is better, so need time to rest up at home again.
I around 1-2 months later i will start cosplaying again simple characters, but will see how is my walking first,

I hope it will get better even it take months to recover!!

Discharge from Hospital!!

Wed May 15, 2013, 11:18 AM

I'm back home!!! actually on Tuesday came back from hospital after staying there for 6 days (it's a living hell due to the heat)

Went for Back Spinal Surgery for the 2nd time, as some people ask or say : HUH?? what happen / this isn't the first one? haha I did rant about my back pain many time before before, but I will explain again.

It was in 2006 when I was enlisted to SAF, Singapore Army every Singaporean Males have to go through for 2 years. So after my studies, I early enlisted as I didn't want to waste my time doing nothing or wasting time (I'm not the kind who go out to play and party, but I like to hang with friends at lan shop playing games) most of the time I will just stay at home. i was lucky that it took around 6 months for everything before they confirm my unit and enlistment, I was PES A, went to Armor unit, I was MONO Intake (around 1 month earlier if I remember), people who fail or didn't take will be sent to MONO intake, to train up before the actual BMT (Basic Military Training) start.

During the first few weeks was fun I really enjoy and loving doing training and keeping fit. Until when BTM started I started having some blue black mark on my skin (on my lower back bone there) and I started to feel pain and uncomfortable, I did sound out, but still they always ask me to go Medical Center to Check up. To the point, the MO told me in my face that there is no problem with me and stop coming back, that was the time when I became stress with the pain and hyperventilation many many many times, It's like who can I ask and find, no one know and I'm not lying i dislike lying, I'm honest and I also like the training. Officer showed concern and talked to me many time, sometime I just broke down when talking to them. so after having this for awhile, the MO finally said that he will arrange a scan for my back in public hospital. so I was stupid and waited for it... I was really dumb to wait, usually SAF things will take very slow..

and so I endure and try to do my best, until I POP (Passing Out Parade) and posted out to K9 Dog unit. after a month in my course my old unit called me and told me that the letter to my X-ray scan was there and asked me go down to collect. so by the time I collected, 1 - 2 months have passed. and I completed my BMT. during that time, once i felt my disc move up and went down again, then i was afraid to move for awhile.

During my course time

Was really enjoying and liking my vocation in army, until my back got worse. which is few months later. also did went for MRI scan. they also told me that my Disc was started degenerating . I can't remember how long was it when my back really became worse and have seen doctor few times to decided for Operation if this carry on, Started seeing in late 2006 - 2007, I wanted to give in as during that time the pain can be quite pain already, but my dad did not want me to go also so I tell doctor we'll see how again hopefully it get better. so until when I started having numb to my legs when I sit down for awhile (around 5 mins), started feeling pins and needles down my legs, so endure until my next appt with my doctor and decided to go for the first surgery on Sept 2007 (if i remember correctly).

My doctor intro the flexible titanium metal it was quite new at that time, (now they don't bring this in anymore, mostly use in US area i think). so what it does, it will support the bone and joint still will be moving. and was hoping that it will get better after that. this doctor now not in the hospital anymore, I was told that he opened his private spinal clinic.

after the surgery, he told my Aunt that my bone chip off and pressing on my nerves so they have to cut out. i feel better for awhile but after awhile i felt normal back pain, nerves pain down to both of my leg pain get worse and was on pain killers until recently.

4 years ago when I went to study and started cosplaying, having problems when sitting too long, and once I tried cosplaying I got addicted to it, It's like I can be others and try to forget about my pain and enjoy myself, to the point when cosplay is everything in my life, It helps me to relax and I'm able to enjoy myself too, some time I didn't felt well but i try to forget about the pain and try to be in char and think only about the char, nothing eles. people can call me stupid or wasting my time cosplaying but it's really important to me. I swear if somehow I'm not able to cosplay anymore. I will become a very depress person and no will to live on, I know it's expensive hobby but It's helping me to cope up with the stress I'm facing and I am also Sick and Tired of saying too much or complain about my back, usually if your friend or someone keep complaining. starting things will be OK. But after awhile it will sound like excuses, whether about work, meet friends or go out. I have seen people like that before. but for now it's not important. my health is more important then others, I still have my dreams which I want to make it happen!!!!

you know even there are times when I have problem cosplaying, usually if I'm having pain I can't get any rest and take too much pain killers also there side effects.

so after my studies, I was resting at home again due to pain, but started more cosplay.

Last 2 year went to work, quit both job due to my back. to the point when I was breaking down and having problem sleeping, eating and stress. but late 2012 did work some part time. only when I can work then I go work. but not working now.

I forgot to mention, After the doctor left the hospital, my next few hospital appointment was really bad, every appointment different doctor. wasn't happy. I can't remember how but I did Complain until they change to the prof which I seeing now, also I did hesitate for awhile whether to go for 2nd surgery, to take out the flexible titanium metal and replace it with titanium metal rod, to seal up the movement of the disc. the first operation I had 4 metal, and now i have 6.

flexible titanium metal (first implant)

The nurse gave me the titanium metal after the surgery (first implant metal). ><~

Didn't have the metal rod scan now, Operation was done last week on Wed! and has to stay at hospital for 6 days.

so now will be talking about after my 2nd surgery until now. sorry that I type too much haha.

So after my surgery on wed (8 may 2013) I was worried.. but I have to do something also.. so was prepared for the surgery, but but but was not prepared for the pain...................................

when I was unconscious I didn't know what happen.. before I know I was already crying and keep complaining of super pain, I swear the pain is on another level. It was very bad. so they told me they have given me different pain killers but i don't feel any better and heard someone told the nurse make sure I don't hyperventilation they are trying to make me relax. The pain was really horrible. so when to the ward was already night time first 2 days, the pain and the wound area was &@%%!^(@^!*(@!@^!@^!&*, PAIN! when people hit my bed a bit It's really painful. and when the turn me around.. to see the wound I shouted and scream hahaha even the nurse keep saying her patient (me) is very fragile and will scream and shout if move him HAHA. but I swear the pain was really really bad, It's crazy, out of this world already.

so during my stay at hospital was fine for first few days, able to walk after 2 days, but walking at a super slow speed like a old man. was really bored during the weekend and the weather decided to be very hot, I can't stand it!! it was really crazy!! I feel the heat for 2 days and during at night also warm ><! really not easy to cope up with the heat........

sorry for me I'm scared of the hot prefer cold~ but I also didn't know that it will be so bad (warm /hot), I had headache due to the heat too, B1 ward was full so ... didn't have a choice

so my doctor came down and see how I am doing some other doctor also come and see and ask me question, so during that time it was horrible because it was pain and was trying to endure the pain, and mention about the numb in my right leg. so after the weekend I was looking forward to go home! but doctor talk about the numb in my leg and ask me to go for a CT scan and as he suspected, the screw are touching my nerves and causing me to have numb and pain in my right leg.. Need operate again but simple I think to loosen the screws only. due to the weather and I was already going crazy due to the heat I told my doctor wait awhile and see how will it be, if possible I don't want to operate again x.x

so my next appointment with him is 2 weeks later, If I'm going to operate again if i still feel the same and WILL book B1 ward class, will wait for the slot. Do not want to suffer in B2 ward again, the heat is really bad, at least to me it's very bad.

I'm still having problems walking but trying to go down take a walk and buy things once everyday.

The first day was bad, sun was already hot and I was walking at a slow speed, was already sweating a lot. went to buy food and went back home, I nearly fall on the way back, my leg decided to give me pain and my waist / hip also affected.
my right leg is weaker now. walk too much = more weaker and nerves pain.

on many medication now also for 2 weeks

Well but at least the nurse was good and nice, they even joke around with us, one nurse saw me and ask me you Korean? and how you keep your skin so fair doesn't look like Singaporean fair skin people? but I thought I got a bit Tan... haha time to invest on a UV ray umbrella, I will go look around for 1 ~

ah need stop here, have been writing and resting now my back feel pain and feel like breaking, Sorry for typing so much. but I hope this time round I will feel much better, need more rest too...

Sorry for the mistake if there is any I mean words hahaha. I'm typing and butt hurts so I want to faster go back to lie down haha

okay will be going to sleep now also very sleepy.. Good night!!!!

Thanks for Reading :3

Thanks for 50K Page View

Mon May 6, 2013, 5:56 PM

Thanks for the 50K Page View!!!

Thanks for viewing, :+fav:, :+devwatch: and giving comments to my photos!!!

I will try to improve more in the future and I'm close to my 4th year of Cosplaying!!! (22.May.2013 will be my 4th year cosplaying!!) but during that point of time most probably i will be away from dA, will be bedridden for awhile.~

Thank you so much everyone for the support, likes and comments!!! I hope i wont let you guys down!! haha :heart:

Will do my best to improve for my future plans~!!!

Last weekend was my last shoot for now, this Wed is my surgery omg so fast!! but most probably will be starting cosplaying on July, Aug ><! I think I will get very bored at home ><~ will start doing simple characters first.

Last week Saturday photoshoot Inu X boku with :iconblooddrencher: and :icon8bit-wonderland:

before I went out i took a photo haha, was trying to make my eye longer so trying to do another make up, I think I did something similar before but I wanted to try something new :3

hmm There are more rooms for improving and will try again next time, depends on which character i am doing~

The weather was so hot and had to walk a distant to the location we want to shoot, walking half way suddenly my back pain and it's not normal pain it's sharp pain, had to stop walking a while, tried walking again the first step down I try to control the pain but when my next foot move... ohhh &!@&^!%@!*@^ the sharp pain is just zzzz WOAH! so I can't stand it and took the strongest pain killer I brought with me, I always have to bring out my pain killers haha.  after awhile I only able to walk super slow, as there are still some pain, after 10 to 20+ mins, it got better and i dont feel much pain, phew, the pain only came back at night ~~~ ><~ on the weather was a killer too, the sky was so clear and the sun is soooo hot!! :( sweat a lot and my make up came off need to touch up ><~ :(


First Photo from the shoot is out !!
Inu X Boku SS: Soushi and Ririchiyo 2 by naokunn
:icon8bit-wonderland: FB page album link of the photo :… (do like it there too if u like it~)

the chain idea came from Inu XBoku SS 13 OVA, haha if you watch it you will know it too~ just that I didn't have the brown ears, only have normal color and didn't have much time making or buying it ><~

Then on my Sunday shoot was.. not so good, as I had sleeping problem since friday, Sat I didn't get much sleep too. so on sunday I was really tired and also pain killers making me sleepy ><! plan to do 4 characters but only manage to did 2, and I dont think I will be able to cosplay so much character in a day again, unless i really work with people who are fast and somehow focusing on the shoot, it will really keep me busy and forget about my tiredness and pain, is like the feel in the shoot. when i'm tired i tend to take things more serious in shoot and want to faster do finish also, but didn't have that mood so only manage to do 2, which took really really long, reached at 12Pm I think and only finished make up at 3-4+ by the time started on 2nd char was about 6pm+ i guess, sorry for taking so long to prepare and having mood swings well it was really rare to have mood swings in shoot x.x i dont remember having mood swings in shoot  unless someone did something i dont like or didn't think about others

I wont do that next time too, if cosplaying on the weekends would only do 1 char on each day. ><~

><~~ so now soon will be my surgery!! omggg ><~~ and I'm scared ><~ of the pain and the things I neeed to go tru after the surgery. >n<~

will be going to rest again and have to clean up my room tomorrow as I wont be able to clean my room for around 1 month after my surgery ><~

Do take care everyone!!

Bride of the Water God Shoot!!

Mon Apr 22, 2013, 12:01 PM

hehe Finally did a photoshoot for Bride of the Water God~

On the way down to location i suddenly felt unwell and did ask the uncle to stop and went to vomit, but can't nothing come out, so the uncle gave me a plastic bag and a packet of tissue haha he was nice enough to give me a packet of tissue when i just took out my tissue LOL!! but the driver is really nice haha. he also know about cosplay ahha. I vomited a little when we are reaching to the location, lucky the driver gave me a plastic bag haha

so once we put down our stuffs and started preparing i took my gastric medicine and on and off in the shoot i feel a bit unwell but still can control.

so when i went home i slept for 20 hours straight didn't wake up at all and all i remember was, i have having around 2 different dreams, it felt really long ><!. When i woke up i cant even walk straight and stand properly because i don't have any energy. awhile later i had a super super bad stomach ache, my face did turn green again and i lost count how many time this happened. after eating and drinking warm drink i got better and now i am just feeling slightly giddy ><~~

well counting down to my operation date!! still got a few more shoot to do too!! hehehe~~

Photo by :icon8bit-wonderland:

Bride of the Water God by naokunn

Mui (habaek) : :iconnaokunn:

Soah : :iconaika-kuroda:

Make up is done by me, did Soah Make up too this time round i change the make up style from the last time when i did her make up~

From Polaroid

and camwhore from phone~ (taken from :iconaika-kuroda: FB)
Many Thanks to Kazu for coming to help us and :icon8bit-wonderland: for coming down to shoot!!! <3

so i will be going back to rest again ~~

hope things would get better x.x

have a great day / sweet dreams~