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Poolparty :Collab:

By NaokoHara
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This took me WAY too long... *hits herself on the head*

This is a collab between me and :icondemireality: . She did the awesome sketch and lines and I did Colo/shading/bg ^^
If you remember, we already did a version were I did the sketch and lines and she did the Colo/shading/bg :
Collab - Papillon by DemiReality

I absolutely can't tell what I like more. I personally love the way she draws lines and I also very much love her coloring and shading and how she always gets the right atmosphere for every single drawing in the background >w<

Love you, hun :heart:
And sorry that it took me so long. D:

Artwork and Characters © :icondemireality: :iconnaokohara:
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© 2014 - 2021 NaokoHara
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You are such an amazing artist!
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Einfach der Hammer! Und die Idee ist so lustig ^^
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OMG....what the fuck is wrong with you guys ;x;
I'm getting so many gifts in the last time ;//////;
I'm just simply in love with all of them ;X;

I almost forgot about this, hunney ;x;
I am sorry ;°;
You did a great job on coloring this, I fell in love with it >q<
I can't get over my own sketch XD
This tiny little tounge of Nakia >DDD
I am literally in tears X°°°°D
I looooooove the smooth shading you did there ;y;
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Well we all love you, hun :heart:

I'm so glad you like it >w<
:heart: :heart: :heart:
(I'm also working on the 'BeastlyGirls' you sent me some... uh... years XD ago. Even if there is only one char left to shade and a BG to make it takes me hours... I can't cell-shade anymore XD)
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maaaw kaomoji set 1 3/19

UUh wait....those 3 girls stuff.....aaah uh that is so old =_=''''
Don't finish it DX
It's awful to look at DX

I have also another Lineart from you Oo
I should finish that too >_<
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Well, then I only finish it for you ;3
The world doesn't have to know XD

You have linearts from me? O.o
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i'm in love with the last panel.
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Absolut lustig XD und echt schön ausgearbeitet. Daumen hoch.
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