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Speedpaint:: Meowth

By Naoki-Wolf
We'll have you believin' truth can be deceiving~♫

Speedpaint Here: [link]

Yeah, decided to draw a little bit of Pokemon... >u<
Enjoy~ 8D
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lol love gotta love pokemon
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like always its amazing your art Naoki. but this is really good: great colors and great shading AND great blur
(your inspiration thing helped me allot. i just dont know what to draw XD)
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Thanks~ :3
XD Blur was something I've been wanting to try for a while... not what I had in mind, but oh well.

;3 Glad it did... XD I get that a lot, though... whole bunch of inspiration, but still not too sure so I usually doodle everything in mind. ;3
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if i do ever get something published it will prob be a sucki mystery dungeon team... lol, or a cookie ( thats usally everything in mind XD ).
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It was a very interesting speedpaint to watch. :D I love the colours you used, and the blur effect is real nice too. :D
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X3 Thanks!!
lol Usually use blues for drawings. X'D Don't know why, it just seems to be neutral.. works for most everything.
RebeccaIsLeft's avatar
It looks good with blues. :D
X-erron's avatar
Awesome stuff! And I love in how you did the blur effect, it was neat to see how you did it.
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83 Thanks a bunch~
X3 lol yeah decided to try the blur technique for a while now, just never really drew anything where I could use it in. X3
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been wanting to try the blur technique** LOL FAIL ENGLISH FOR ME
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