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Zenki the Demon Prince

By nanshu29
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Title: Zenki the Demon Prince (Zenki with fire.)

technical : Paint color with Tablet+Texture
*Test color and technic.

Zenki ,Is my favorite character when I was a child.
Now I grow up. I'm willing to draw him again. :)

**Color and image, I hope you will like it.

Thank you for your visits and comments. :hug:

FB Gallery Page. , Commission info.
If you interested commission, You can contact me via note.
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WXKO Digital Artist
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For someone facing off against a floating name, that's quite intense!
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desbiakeiHobbyist Digital Artist
Me encantaaaaaa!!!!
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zaENDleHobbyist General Artist
Zenki! :D I love this anime. One of my childhood favs :D Awesome fanart :D
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AsukaHazukiProfessional Digital Artist
Zenki~! I love the colours and texture!
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AmmotuProfessional Digital Artist
awesome work, the colors are gorgeous! :)
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Very Very Nice!!!
I love this anime

แอบตามมาชื่นชมในนี้อีกแฮะเรา ฮี่ๆๆๆ

By HaRuMaJi
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nekoipattHobbyist Digital Artist
จำได้ว่าดูทุกตอน แต่ตกม้าตาย พลาด ไม่ได้ดูตอนจบ มันเศร้าาาาาาาามากกกกก /ซบพี่แนน T_T
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nanshu29 Digital Artist
ส่วนเรื่องไม่ได้ดูตอนจบหาซื้อ DVD มาดูเลย
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nanshu29 Digital Artist
พี่ไม่ได้ดูตอนแรก รู้สึกตอนนั้นบังเอิญตื่นมาตอนที่ 5 แล้ว ตอนที่เซนกิแอบเข้าไป ร.ร. จิอากิ
เห็นตอนเด็กน่ารักโคตรๆเลยติดตาต้องใจดูมาตลอด ฮ่าๆๆ
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YongXeeHobbyist Digital Artist
Almost forget him!!
Great reminding of my child memory!
I like the way you made it looks like japanese painting.
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LoRd-TaRHobbyist Digital Artist
โหเซนกิ ==" โคตรสวย
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Oh, my childhood memories are coming back.
He is my favorite anime character of all time.

The coloring is so epic. I hope I can paint like you.
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nanshu29 Digital Artist
ขอบคุณจ้า... +สู้ๆจ้า ^^ /
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AzureKnight2008Hobbyist Artist
Fantastic!! His main element is THUNDER, not Fire, still I'm glad a skilled artist like you finally contribute to KDZ fandom. :clap:
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nanshu29 Digital Artist
that i see :), In the anime he has fire in power with, Next...when I have spare time I'll draw Zenki kid. :XD:

Thank you and enjoy. :D
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AzureKnight2008Hobbyist Artist
I know. I was talking about his MAIN power- Thunder is also the element that makes up his physical existence on Earth. He is the Demon God of Crimson Thunder Light in the Dark, after all. :)

Of course Zenki-sama can use "Fire", but since he's controlled by Chiaki, Zenki NEEDS her to aid his performance. In short, he CANNOT use Fire without her "FIRE SPELL", unlike his comrade Goki, a free Guardian Warrior. Goki doesn't need Chiaki to demonstrate his five-element power, among them is "Fire". ;)

Btw, Zenki-sama is a Demon God, not a Demon Prince <-- someone mistranslated the whole Japanese term "鬼神".

Looking forward to seeing your next art!
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nanshu29 Digital Artist
Thailand in the manga, his name is "Demon Prince Zenki".
If I am wrong about his I apologize., But I intend to draw him and thank you for your information. :)
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AzureKnight2008Hobbyist Artist
Don't worry, it's just a trivial mistake. :) I believe the Thai Publisher didn't follow the meaning closely enough. In truth, the full Japanese title is "Kishin Douji Zenki" and it should be like this:

- Kishin: Demon God.
- Douji: Child.
- Zenki: Zenki <-- no need to translate b/c it's his name, but the meaning is "Demon in front".

---> As a result, "Kishin Douji Zenki" should be "Demon God-Child Zenki".

Hope I was of help. ^________^
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greeneye1981Hobbyist Digital Artist
-- แนน ดักแก่หรอ =A=
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nanshu29 Digital Artist
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เป็นอนิเมเรื่องแรกๆที่ได้ดูในวัยเด็กเลยครับ 'w' เห็นอันนี้แล้วนึกถึงเลย
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Epicly Jaw Droping Awesome PIC!!!! :jawdrop: :icongreatjobplz:
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