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Title: Sesshomaru

Inuyasha by nanshu29

Technical : Paint color with Tablet. 
[Test CG]


Step cg>>

Sesshomaru - step cg by nanshu29

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If you interested commission, You can contact me via note.
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Hello my friend I love your art and I would like to share it in the community tab of youtube and I will give you the credits for your work
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This is a great picture, Sesshomaru is one of the coolest characters of Inuyasha
slycoopr's avatar
i always get so happy whenever i see inuyasha-related artwork and now i'm grinning like an IDIOT towards sesshomaru lmao
kozieBubble's avatar
ER.MEH.GHARD! This is so stunning! Wow. You're so talented! I love your drawing style. It's allmost like a rough painting, but so very pretty!
how do you do it? xD 
Keep doing what you do! <3
Heart  Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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I Like the Picture, but it Reminds me so F***ing much of Sephiroth!
TheTowerOfJoy's avatar
So beautiful. Onion Boy 7 
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too awesome :D
the colors are so gorgeous
Glasiel's avatar
His hair and fluff are so fabulously painted *_*
WineInAnOpenWound's avatar
It's a wonderfully detailed painting. I really love his expression, it's most certainly interesting.
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Sesshomarus-Secret-A's avatar
Oh my jaw dropped at the sight of this majestic art piece of Sesshomaru. You've brought out his beauty, yet deadliness. I LOVE THIS! Thank you for sharing this eye candy to us!
KuroKitsuneNoYoko's avatar
LOVE IT!!! you drew him and Moko-Moko- Sama so well! Heart (that is what his fluffy thing is called right?)
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OMG OMG OMG!!! I LOVE HIM AND I LOVE THIS!! :iconbigheartplz: Incredible textures and colors, amazing work! :love:
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Wow, this drawing is so gorgeous! :D
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oh... my god... this is so beautiful ; v ; I can't believe this exists. 
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Hey there! I'm new here and I am trying to learn the basics. Can someone help? I need to know if and how I can make a collection of photos (like an album). Thnx! :-)
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I'm not sure that what it is good for you. i have just this...
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Love how you did this <3
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Oh my god, he's so freakin hot
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